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You may be asking yourself, "Why should I join C3VR?" "Why would I pay to join this club when other Corvette websites are free?"

First of all, you are not just joining a website, you are joining an elite club of C3 Corvette Enthusiasts.  In fact, it is the ONLY All C3 Corvette club in the world!

Here are what some current members have to say about why they joined and why they continue to be a member:

KDADDY79 (Gold Member - 1979 White T-Top)

I am full of enthusiasm for the C3VR site! What I like so much is the sense of community that I see here. It is very unlike other Corvette sites I have checked out in the past. It really seems that the folks attracted to this site are a good natured bunch. I have never seen an obnoxious thread on C3VR made by some idiot with nothing but time and money who oozes superiority. Instead, lots of the members here have a great wealth of knowledge that they gladly share with people like me who are learning and looking for the honest opinions of other Corvette lovers.

In fact I posted a thread about the sound of a particular exhaust system combined with a particular motor and I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the replys. One guy definitely disagreed with me but we handled it like gentlemen. I like that! Who needs to feel intimidated when they are pursuing such a great hobby? (Don't get me wrong. There is nothing like a well placed good natured jab to loosen things up a bit.) 

My only complaint is that sometimes I don't get enough time to log on as often as I would like (wife, kids, job,etc...). But when I free up I really do enjoy C3VR.

Adam's Apple (Lifetime Member, DUNCANVILLE, TX - 1974 Medium Red Metallic T-Top)
I signed up at C3VR back in 2003, after reading a small "blurb" about a "Shark" site in one of the Corvette magazines. I came to the site, and poked around a while, and signed up as a Standard member. (It was free at the time, so what did I have to lose?) I think I logged on maybe one or two times after that, until one day, about a year later, I got an e-mail stating that that the Standard membership was soon to be made a pay-type. I had forgotten all about the site! I came back to the site, and poked around some more. What I saw was a ton of information I had just glossed over before. After thinking about it for a while, I decided, what the heck...it's $15...So I signed up again. But...I went for the "Gold" membership at that time. It's not that much more. (I have since upgraded to "Lifetime" status...for me, worth EVERY penny.)

I was a little shy about posting anything at first, because there are so many knowledgeable folks here. I think my first actual post was a response to a transmission question from a member in Australia! It took a while, but I soon felt at home here. Little by little, C3VR became a haven for me. I love to talk about cars, Corvettes in particular, and this was the ideal place for me to do that, without actually having to do it face to face! (did I mention I am SHY?)

I have met MANY of the finest folks on the planet here, some in person, some by phone, some just on the site. The technical information here is most likely the most honest, spot-on you'll find. Many of us are automotive specialists, in one field or another. Everyone here is more than willing to share how-tos, and how NOT-tos! I have learned so much here, my brain sometimes spills out on the floor. (nice visual, eh?!) I have found, that no matter WHAT sort of problem you may have, whether it is Corvette related, computer woes, personal/medical issues, finding out just what the heck that thing is hanging down under the dash, or if you just need a weather report from somewhere, someone here is always standing by to help, 24/7.

I am also a member on some of the other Corvette "forums". NONE of them have the home-town, family style feeling that C3VR has. This is not just a Corvette web-site...it is a Family of Corvette enthusiasts. No matter if you own a Shark, or even a Corvette at all, everyone is welcome here. Any problems that have crept up here have been handled quickly, and diplomatically, and any issues with the technical stuff relating to the actual web-site have been resolved almost instantly. I just have to say this...This IS the Best Darn Corvette site on the net, bar NONE! From Adam Wartell, our fearless leader, to the latest trial member, C3VR has THE cream of the crop. Come join us, won't you?

kstyer (Lifetime Member, CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH - 1975 Red T-Top)
C3VR is simply the friendly and best people with the most need advice and information on the web. There is no such thing as a dumb question, or repair trivia too small. It's an international family sharing a love of C3 Corvettes. It doesn't get better than this.

dwright (Standard Member, Victor, NY - 1982 Red T-Top):
Top Ten reasons for paying $15 to the C3Vette Registry.

1. It's only $15.00 a year.
2. If you have or want a C3, it's the place with all the answers to all your questions.
3. In one answer to one question, you can save ten times the $15.00.
4. You couldn't find a nicer group of Vette enthusiasts.
5. There are additional leads and links to information about C3s, all Vettes, all vehicles and all subjects.
6. There is a direct link to C3's on Ebay.
7. You can post pictures of your Vette.
8. There are on-line car shows.
9. There are sponsored events where you can meet the people you communicate with on a regular basis.
10. C'mon, it's only $15.00. You spent that on gas today just cruisin around town.

Bob Griffiths (Lifetime Member, Frederick, MD - 72, 76 & 79 C3s)
I joined this forum before there was any charge for being "just" a standard member.... But when the decision was made to charge a whopping 15 bucks (less then a quarter tank of gasoline) for a standard membership I went straight to my wallet and Purchased a lifetime membership...

I honestly felt that I had gotten enough tips, etc from being a standard member to justify the expense...(I can not even remewmber what it cost BUT I can tell you that
it was a good...no make that a great investment...

THe Been There Done That Knowledge of the membership
can save you a hell of a lot of frustration,wasted time and money...

Need advice ...ask
Need parts sources ... ask
Need opinions on Mods etc.. ask
Need anything except the winning lottery number .. ask

I own 5 Corvettes (3 are C3's) plus a 68 Chevelle
and I can tell you that getting any kind of information
on the C3's is a 100 times easier then on any of the other cars...simply because of this forum...

Spend the 15 bucks for a years membership . If you do not think you have gotten 15 bucks worth of Information out of the C3 Registry after a year then just do not renew...

I bet that will not happen.

mbarney (Gold Member, Davie, FL - 1980 Vette)
I found this site before I even bought the vette. I can truly say that everything I know about the car I learned here. This membership is the cheapest item and the most usefull one I have bought. The time and money saved through this membership is a hard thing to put a value on. I went from free to Gold because nothing is free, someone has to keep this site up and running and it just seems right to support something I use so much. Anytime I have asked what may seem like a simple question I get several approaches to the problem and have had members send pictures and drawings to help me out. I could buy all the books and magazines out there and still not touch the depth of knowledge here. The people here a great.

JacksL71 (Lifetime Member, Sussex, NJ - 1969 Convertible)
I started out as a gold member to check things out. My second year was a gift for tied for 1st place in the car show. This site has been invaluable to me,and I am very grateful for the knowledge the many individuals in the club bring to it. This year because of that knowledge I have become a lifetime member. Again, I want to thank all of the members of c3vr and mostly Adam for his unwavering quest to make this club what it is today and what it will be down the road.

Aegisfang (Standard Member, Syracuse, NY - 76 & 78 Vettes)
I also joined before I owned my Vette. I joined when my wife got her Vette just because I could see lots of knowledge and advice being given. I even signed up as a moderator before I owned a Vette. This forum has made me more of a Vette lover than a bike lover. $15.00 is cheaper than the Haynes manual I bought on eBay. $15.00 is what we all pay for the beer we drink too.

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