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How to Add a Photo to your Forum Signature

Step 1 for Gold and Lifetime Members:
...pick a picture you like an upload it into your Personal File Folder. The link is under the ''My Account'' menu. Please be kind to those members who do not have a broadband internet connection and use a picture of a reasonable size (the larger the picture, the longer it takes for the page to load).  Note the HTTP address of the file you just uploaded as you'll need it in the next step. IMPORTANT NOTE: The HTTP address has underscores in it: _  not spaces.  The address will look like this:
Step 1 for Standard Members:
...pick a picture you like an upload it to a space or site on the web that can store your photo files.  (You can do this on by becoming a Gold or Lifetime Member).  Then note the HTTP address of the photo.

Step 2...edit your profile. The "profile" link is at the top of every page, or use the "My Profile" link under the "My Account" menu. In the Forum Signature box, click on the Image button. Then enter the full path of the picture file inside the |IMG| tags. It should look like this: |IMG||/IMG|  
Then Save your profile.

Step 3...test your signature by replying to a posting. Click on the PREVIEW button at the bottom of the page to see how it looks. This will let you work on getting your signature the way you want it to look before actually posting/using it.  Please do NOT submit your test pictures to the forums, only use the PREVIEW button.

IMPORTANT NOTES: There are some important notes you need to be aware of when posting images:
   1) Not all photo hosting sites allow you to post your photos on other sites. If you see a red X in the space where the photo should be, this could be the reason. Another indication that this is the problem, is that if other people complain they see a red X but you are able to see the image just fine. If you are sure you have the address correct, but it still appears as a red X for you or everyone else, just make it a clickable link instead: |URL||/URL|.
   2) You should keep your images small. It is recommended that photos be no bigger than 400 pixels wide by 400 pixels high. Ideally, they should be around 200x200. The reason you want to do this, is to make sure that people with slow internet connections don't have to wait a long time for your picture to load, plus if the photo is too wide, it can make the web page's formatting appear ugly. There are many software packages available that can help you reduce your images.
   3) The link must be to a valid web address (HTTP), not a path to your local computer's hard drive.

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