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5/4/12 12:39pm - Original Message: 'What Did It For You'
tb2k82ce Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Lemon Grove, CA - USA

1982 C3 Collectors Edition 44000 miles, sat in the sun most of it's life, My wife purchased it for me for fathers day in 2007 from her girl friend that had it for 19 years. It is on the road again. I'm retired but it is now my daily driver.

Joined: 10/17/2007
Posts: 2008
What was the first Corvette that you came in contact with that made you tingle inside and say I want one someday?
My time came when I was in college.  A friend that worked in a muffler shop in the late 60ís drove one at Bonneville.  The shop ran the C2 at Bonneville salt and his personal goal was to do 200 mph in a gas fueled car before he was legal to drink.
We would be down at the shop at night (instead of doing homework) watching him or the shop owners work.   Sometimes going out street racing on San Pablo Dam Road in the California Bay area (Richmond, San Pablo, El Cerrito).
Never knew if he achieved his goal.  Records were not kept at Bonneville back then.   I gotten married joined the Navy and sent to San Diego in the late 60ís.  Saw lots of other Corvettes but that was the first that made me want to own one.
Can still picture that light green C2 exterior modified for racing(no lights flared fenders big tires).  I recall it now just like I can recall when I first met my wife.

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5/4/12 3:58pm - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
Standard Member
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Charlottesville, VA - USA

1978 Silver Anniversary L82 Previously: 1965 300hp Coupe in 1967. 1967 435hp Coupe in 1968-70. 1969 350hp T-top w/ac and all power options.

Joined: 9/3/2010
Posts: 103
Hi Gil,  For me it was when I was 8 yrs old and my cousin who was on leave from the Army drove up in a new Black '58 Fuelie w/red interior. Seeing the shiny chrome teeth of the grille and hearing the loud exhaust did it. Ten years later I bought a '65 Nassau Blue Coupe.
Mid America Motorworks has a book with "love at first sight" stories by Corvette owners:
When Did It Start For You?



Joe T
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5/5/12 12:01pm - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
The Rook Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Pittsburgh, PA - USA

1979 L-82, 3 spd auto, car was originally Lt. Beige currently painted Sportsman Red, Doeskin leather interior, 103,000 miles......

Joined: 12/4/2002
Posts: 600
When I was about 10 years old my sister traded in her 74 coupe for a Camaro Berlinetta....Lime green...yuck!!!
I thought wow thats not a very smart move. But she needed something more practical and in 1979 nothing was more practical than a lime green hard top camaro...am I right??? LMAO!!!!!
As I watched the salesman drive off in her car, I was old enough to know that one day I'd have a cool car like that vette........ 2001 that dream became a reality for me........Kinda coincidental that I own a 79...
To this day she is still envious.....

|UPDATED|5/5/2012 9:01:09 AM (AZT)|/UPDATED|


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5/5/12 1:12pm - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
Former Member
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Vancouver, WA - USA

1976 Silver/Firethorn. L48, 4spd. Original 2 bolt, vortec heads, 9.4:1 CR, Speed Pro Cam: 224/224@0.050, 112 LSA, Eagle Steel Crank.

Joined: 8/25/2005
Posts: 831
When I was 7 or 8 a neighbor had a '68 (found that out later when I remembered you had to push the button to open the door).  He wasn't a nice guy and certainly wasn't a role model, but I sure fell in love with that car.  From that time on I always knew I'd get a shark some day.  My time came in '01, too, 3 weeks before I got married.  



1976 Silver/Firethorn.  L48, 4spd.  Original 2 bolt, vortec heads, 9.4:1 CR, Speed Pro Cam: 224/224@0.050, 112 LSA, Eagle Steel Crank.
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5/5/12 3:43pm - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
aceinthehole Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Valley Springs, CA - USA

1978,Metalic Money Green W/Gold emblems,TH350 w/gear splitter,black & grey interior.1978,two tone,Metalic Rootbeer & gold ,Doeskin interior,auto. trans. 1981, Silver w/mirrored T-Tops,4 spd, charcoal interior.

Joined: 11/20/2005
Posts: 3618
Uh, for those of you unfamiliar, when Gil says he "used to go street racing on San Pablo Dam Rd." that's just like heading north on Hwy 1 on the coast outa' L.A. to "Dead Man's curve", seriously.
    I'm almost embarrassed to admit it but, I never had a passion for vettes, I had a '65 Mustang fastback for 8 yrs. that I loved, parted with it and started building motorcycles. After the 1st 20 yrs. of working a full and part time job, a mechanic I hired at the rental store put a '78, painted "Money green" out in front of the store for sale and though we've seen them around for almost 30 yrs. the price was right (cheap) and I fell in love with it. Life has new flavor.

Jimmy B.
Just can't wait to get on the road again.

                             Click to see larger views!
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5/5/12 4:43pm - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
rod7515 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Red Lion, PA - USA

1974 White 350 Corvette, TH400 Automatic 1972 Tangerine /Go Mango Convertible 383 Stroker, 2004r Automatic

Joined: 10/27/2006
Posts: 1180
Just like Jimmy said I was never fan of the Corvette. Actually i wouldn't even look at them.
I owned a 70 Barracuda with a 440 6 pack all through high school and sold it when I was 22. To this day it is still my favorite car I've ever owned. Once it was sold I went through 3 Darts in the next 3 years then I didnt have a car that even resembled a muscle car for almost 30 years. (Dodge and Pontiac vans) About 6 years ago a friend of mine had a 77 vette that he wanted the bugs worked out of. He gave me the car for the summer while he was away and told me to drive it and take care of any problems I found. I found myself enjoying the drives I took in it. I decided to look for one and thats how I found the c3vr group and many of the members here helped me find a good one with all the information they gave to me. But no one here told me the heart ache that owning a rubber bumper car would be so after 3 years of that, I went and bought my 2nd one which  has chrome bumpers. Hopefully someday I will finish it and take it for a drive!


Oh, if I ever find a barracuda that I can afford the 74 will be gone and I will jump back to owning a Plymouth! of course being able to afford a dodge product is something that seems to be out of my reach!


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5/5/12 7:39pm - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
hmel '74
Former Member
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Carlisle, PA - USA

1974 mille miglia red with oxblood interior 355ci, 320hp

Joined: 9/4/2005
Posts: 533
You're all gonna laugh but I fell in love with corvettes when I was thirteen. and saw "Corvette summer".
I even read the book!
From then on I would buy "Vette" magazine and "Corvette fever" every month and I built and rebuilt countless plastic model kits of vettes.
I'd get a great feeling every time I saw one. Wondering what it would be like to drive one. Wondering what the road looked like over those raised fenders...
Anyway, my passion faded off and on over the years but it still was there.

Its funny, when I was younger, I had always heard about it,  and I always wanted to go to Carlisle, Pa to the Vette show.  Who knew that 27 years later I would end up living in Carlisle and buying my first vette at the show?
Fate is funny.

|UPDATED|5/5/2012 4:39:11 PM (AZT)|/UPDATED|


(click to see a larger version)
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5/5/12 8:27pm - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
Adams' Apple Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Duncanville, TX - USA

#1-1974 L-48 4spd Cp Med Red Metallic/Black deluxe int w/AC/tilt/tele./p/w-p/b/ Am-Fm/map light National/Regional/Chapter NCRS "Top Flight" #2-1985 Bright Red/Carmine Cp.L-98/auto Member: NCRS, NCRS Texas, Corvette Legends of Texas

Joined: 11/8/2003
Posts: 19523
I caught the bug from a cousin, at an early age...prolly 10-12 years old. He was into them, and I started noticing them then. Later on, when I was spending the summer with them, he was looking for one to buy, so most of my summer vacation that year(early '70s) was going around with him and my uncle looking at different Corvettes. He wound up buying a '62 project car. It ran, but was in rough shape, visually. It had a Thunderbolt hood scoop on it that he took of and gave to me.
Anyway...I was hooked once he bought the '62. Wound up getting a '72 convertible;e while I was in high school. It was an insurance total(I was working at a body shop at the time), and the back half of it was knocked off. We fixed it, and drove it. It got hit 3 times after that...then I had to let go of it...couldn't afford to keep it up anymore. We had already swapped heads, cam, intake/carb...had it running pretty well...enough to get a high school kid in plenty of trouble.

And the rest, as they say, is history....

Joel Adams
C3VR Lifetime Member #56    
My Link

(click for Texas-sized view!)

"Money can't buy happiness -- but somehow it's more comforting to cry in a CORVETTE than in a Kia"
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5/5/12 10:03pm - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
Dejablu Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Wichita, KS - USA

2005 Daytona Sunset Orange Coupe ----------- Sold 1974 T-top, 4 spd to BillKS

Joined: 11/10/2003
Posts: 6837
My dream for a Corvette started in 1963 when I was in the service stationed outside Las Vegas.  I found a gorgeous Silver 58 Vette convertible with 283 and 2 4's on a lot.  As I was only 20, they said I needed a co-signer, so I called my folks back in Kansas and asked if they would co-sign.  They didn't know what a Corvette was and said they would have to get back to me.  The next day I got a call and they said they wouldn't sign as I would go out and kill myself in it.  Forty years later, after 39 years of marriage and raising two kids, I finally got my 74 Stingray.  My dad had passed on and my mother was in a care home.  I brought her to the house in her wheel chair and took her out to the garage.  As soon as she saw it, she said "You got you one, didn't you".  I put her in and we went for a long ride.  She's gone now, but that's one day I'll never forget.

   C3VR Lifetime Member #102                   
    My Link.........          
The difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys!!              
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5/5/12 10:45pm - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
lukesvette Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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1979, Targa Blue (72 Color), Pace Car rear spoiler, L88 hood, Dark blue factory interior, 525HP 406, HD 700R4, 370 gears,Steeroids, composite rear spring, TT IIs wrapped in T/A Radials.

Joined: 5/18/2004
Posts: 6807
My fascination with Corvettes started when I was a wee lad playing with my Hot Wheels redline cars. Ever since then, I swore I would eventually own one of those awesome stingray-like cars..   And as a result, LukesVette was born!! Big smile

LukesVette Homepage
Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom
101st Airborne(AirAssault!)
God Bless America

Support Our Troops

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5/7/12 12:43pm - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
TargaBlue72 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Lodi, WI - USA

1972 Targa Blue, T-Top, Saddle leather, 350 auto,numbers match, all original except '69 factory side exhaust. Previously owned: 1969 427, 390hp, 4sp, Riverside Gold coupe, factory side exhaust

Joined: 9/25/2007
Posts: 327
The TV show in the early 1960s "Route 66".  The stories were never really about the Corvette, but they often showed Todd and Buzz cruising along Route 66 with the top down.  I thought that was the coolest thing.Cool
I absolutely fell in love with the 63 split window coupe (the year I graduated from High School) but the chances of an ILL farm boy actually owning a Corvette was totally out of the question.Unhappy 

While stationed at FT Rucker Alabama, many of the pilots drove GTOs, 442s, T-Birds and of course Corvettes.
But they were Officers.  A Corvette was still out of the question for an EM.Unhappy

After the Army and Vietnam, I was in College and a friend of mine had a 67 427 Coupe and he would give us "Thrill Rides".Big smile
That was it!!!  I knew that somehow I had to have one.  A few years later, while still in school, the Chevy Dealership in Platteville, Wl had a 69 Riverside Gold 427 Coupe for sale.  This was in 1970.  I was 25 years old so insurance wasn't too bad.  I traded my 69 442 for that 69 Vette.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  I've owned one ever since.Smile

click on either image for larger view
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5/7/12 2:16pm - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
ebo Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Holland Patent, NY - USA

#1 *1980 White, Red interior 14,000 mile #2 *1980 Red, Oyster interior 93,000 miles Resto project car, rebuilt to 383 stroker

Joined: 6/3/2008
Posts: 4401
I never really had eyes for a Vette, was pretty much out of my price range. I was happy with my 69 Cuda, 340 formula S with a snake shifter. Was always a Mopar guy, 383 Cornett, 340 Duster.
Then in 81 or so the local Chev dealer got in a Dark green Vette, the long nose and tail really did it for me. Still could not afford it!
Two years later after pimping myself out (opps that belongs in the occupation thread) we had some cash to buy a toy.
I found a 1980 Red vette 4 speed (Lori loves to drive stick), the car looked like it was doing 100 mph standing still. We did a private deal trading our mint 76 Camaro for this vette. While talking to some people at work one knew of this car and told me it had been driven off into a cornfield! I put a stop payment on the deposit check and called this kid, got his mother and she totaly denied it. I found the body shop and called them, they spilled the beans. I told the kid that my mechanic needs to see it before I went any further. My mechanic said the rear 5mph bumpers had been rewelded so they would once again line up and the transmission cross member bolts had to be left loose for it to fit. I told the kid no thanks and he threatened my life. Really it was a bad scene, I called my local police friends and they said if he steps in your driveway hit him over the head with a bar and call us we will do the rest. I stayed up that night and did'nt a car slow down in front of my house, blood was pumping I went out side approached the car with a piece of redi rod and the passenger door opens up and this drunk starts puking.....I darn near killed the guy.
Well I was out of the vette buying buisness until a work buddy with a vette found our white 80 in 83 with 7000 miles on it. This time my mechanic said buy it ....it still has all the tags on the springs!
You'll also see we do have a Red vette.....buts that another story!
Once you drive one, like Jeff said looking over those big front curves....your hooked!
Evil Smileebo

|UPDATED|5/7/2012 11:16:24 AM (AZT)|/UPDATED|


Click on image for larger view!

Evil Smileebo
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5/7/12 11:28pm - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
Bobbi's78 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Coatesville, PA - USA

1978 Silver Anniversary Paint w/Mahogany Interior

Joined: 3/17/2007
Posts: 352
How Funny Jeff...Corvette Summer was what got my attention, but when I really started looking at corvettes, I fell in love with the C2's.  Then came college, marriage, kid, house.....I told myself "someday".  Despite being a MOPAR guy, Frank & I used to go to the corvette show at Willow Grove Air base every year.  Eventually (as many of you know) a neighbor told us about this Stingray at an auto salvage yard where he worked.  Long story short - we saved her from an uncertain future.  It wasn't what I longed for, but I've fallen in love with those curves & I wouldn't trade her for anything......well, except maybe for a '69 427 convertible Heart  Wink

|UPDATED|5/7/2012 8:28:03 PM (AZT)|/UPDATED|

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5/7/12 11:46pm - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
Former Member
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Oak Creek, WI - USA

1981 Great White Shark. Red Interior, 350/190hp. PS, PB (SS), A/C CC, T-Tops, Going to remain as Stock as possible. Served three years in Active Duty Army, then Retired Air Force after 34 years! Badger State Vetts Car Club. 175,000 Original miles!!

Joined: 5/21/2008
Posts: 1956
Speaking of Mike Yager's Book,   The Great White Shark is featured in it!!!!
I had been interested in Corvettes since my senior year of high school (1965) but I fought of the impulse to buy .......... until I saw my current 1981 White vette.  Sure it has high miliage (149,000) but she is "original"  and is gonna stay that way!!  My daughter wants to drop a 427 in her but she will have to wait until Prince Sirkie comes for me to visit with my friend Forrest J. Ackerman!!!!!


(click to see a larger image)
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5/8/12 5:54am - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
manget1 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Indianapolis, IN - USA

Silver 1974 Convertible - L82 4 speed Low miles (was only 8,900 when I bought it in March 2006) - Now 42K miles. Original owner bought it as an investment for son's college expenses. 2008 Jetstream Blue Convertible - DAILY DRIVER!!

Joined: 9/3/2006
Posts: 2387
Interesting that so many of us started with Mopars.  While really not my "first love," my first car was a '66 Baracuda.  Largest back glass until the 82 Camaro came out.
As for how my infatuation with Corvettes started...  Well, I believe the court records are still sealed on that story, and I think things are better that way.  At least until I take the time to write the book or screenplay on that summer...

I wanted a Corvette my whole life, but I never dreamed of all the wonderful people I would meet because of it!

††††† States Visited Map

target=_blank>Click for another pic!†††† And yet another!
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5/8/12 10:05am - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
my7t1 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Dorr, MI - USA

71 Colonnade Hardtop Coupe Torch Red with black interior originally L48 built to push around 360hp

Joined: 8/21/2002
Posts: 2580
Man Dean you really brought back memories of Route 66. I never missed a show watching Todd and Buzz cruise around Route 66 fighting crime & saving humanity. At least I think that's what they did. I was so in love with their Vette that I'm not sure what they were doing. The show being in black and white I fantasized their Vette as being RED. Recently I saw a color version of their car and was shocked to see it was........ blue Shocked???????????? Blew my whole fantasy. As soon as I was old enough I built model cars and the majority of them were Vette. When I was a senior in high school there was a girl whose dad worked for a chevy dealership. One day she showed up in a 69 vert. She took me for a ride (in the car) and that was it. From that point I always said that someday I WOULD own a Vette, and it would be RED. Well about ten years ago I finally got my 71 (black). As you can see it wasn't long and I put on the RED.

To me this simple car has not only been a great hobby, but has led me to some of the greatest people you can find that I have the pleasure to call friend.Hug Thank you Todd & Buzz


Click on images for Before and After pics!
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9/2/12 12:21pm - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
corvette440hp Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Joined: 7/2/2006
Posts: 8205
When I was 18 and saw the 63 splitwindow coupe.........it was love at first sight. I had to have one. In 64 I bought a Riverside Red coupe. I was mad that they made the rear window one piece. To me it changed the lines. I bought the 327/365hp.

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9/2/12 1:38pm - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
Former Member
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Lakeside, AZ - USA

1975 C3 Stingray

Joined: 7/23/2012
Posts: 126
I'd say it was all the corvette Hot wheels I had when I was a kid and later Corvette Summer...I'm a Star Wars Fan and watched it only because "Luke" was in it.. My family wasn't into cars.... I think I was adopted.. So my experience with muscle cars was with my friends out of high school.. One of my friends had a 67 Mach 1 fastback Which I was in love with, the other was a 69 Mustang Coupe they were both "built" I remember sitting in the back seat my ears going numb from the mufflers. I was mainly a VW person they were cheap and I could build them up pretty cheap... 

And now some 40 years later I got my first vette... a 1975 Vette Coupe Party

|UPDATED|9/2/2012 10:38:55 AM (AZT)|/UPDATED|

1975 Corvette Coupe 
My first Vette.....trying to fix stuff

My Project:
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9/2/12 5:33pm - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
Former Member
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greer, SC - USA

C(6-5+2)VR - 1964 convertible 327/365 & 2003 convertible - 50th Anniversary Edition & 2010 3LT Coupe

Joined: 10/15/2007
Posts: 746
"little red corvette" with a big block.

I was 16 and working at the local car wash - that's where we ALL worked. A friend of mine showed up one day with a 67 big block and took a select few of us for a ride and an even fewer select drove it (lucky me). We would back into the staging area of the car wash ... spray a little water ... and let her loose .... the owner of the car wash did not like that very much so we had to take it else where.

Ever since that time ... C2 was in my blood ... between then and now .... lots of brit sports cars (65 Spitfire and 72 TR6) a 76 Vega ...  63 pontiac catalina, 72 Laxi 50 (that's all that was left on the badge) some ricers (79 RX7 - this is the car that caught Judith's eye and she said Hmmm ... he's goin' somewhere ! perhaps I will keep him) a prelude, several mitsu gallants during the child raising years ... and finally the 64.     

C3 when I get some more room !!


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9/2/12 8:09pm - Reply: 'Re: What Did It For You'
Former Member
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Dutchess County, NY - USA

White '79 Corvette. It's a driver.

Joined: 8/27/2007
Posts: 2484
When I was a little guy --- 5 or 6 tops --- my mother's Ford Falcon wagon broke down for the umpteenth time. The mechanic drove her home in a Corvette.
I'll never forget it! Mom and the mechanic pulled up in front of our house in a dark green C3 convertible with black leather interior and redline tires on Ralley wheels. It just plain took my breath away.
After that whenever I saw a Corvette I made my Mom slow down or stop so I could take a look. (She remembers and says it was "cute".)
I learned that those other really cool looking cars (1st. & 2nd. gen.) were also Corvettes but the C3s always did and still do get a good, long look from me.

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