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1/9/12 1:35am - Original Message: 'Carpet Install Progress'
rod7515 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Red Lion, PA - USA

1974 White 350 Corvette, TH400 Automatic 1972 Tangerine /Go Mango Convertible 383 Stroker, 2004r Automatic

Joined: 10/27/2006
Posts: 1180
Well I started the rear carpet installation today. Very time consuming but doable! I ended up trimming more then I thought would be needed. Glueing and placing was a challenge as well. I still need to install the screws in the compartment assembly yet but I have weight on it to help settle it in place for a few days first. Here are pics of this job.

Finished and the light actually works! Will need the sun to help it smooth out in the spring!

Lots of trimming had to be done. That was a surprise because I thought the group that was at MAM and saw this done said very little trimming but that wasnt the case for me. I cut small pieces as I went but to start I cut 3 1/2 inches off the back and 1 inch off the frt just to get it into its place.

I fit each side then glued once I was sure it fit ok. But once the glue is down its hard to get the carpet back in that perfect position. On the drivers side I probably missed that perfect spot by about 1/2 inch towards the frt. But it was still workable.

First attempt on drivers side after the 3 1/2 and 1 inch was cut. Still lots of trimming needed!

Does anyone know what this plastic threaded bolt? and the metal stud is for? The wheel well carpet covers these two and they are on both sides?

Well theres the day of work. I used the soldering gun to cut the holes into the carpet for the light and hold down rubber tabs in the rear. That seemed to work really well. Probably wont get to do to much more till next weekend.




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1/9/12 9:11am - Reply: 'Re: Carpet Install Progress'
Willis76 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Rockland, MA - USA

76, L48, 4spd & 09, LS3, 6spd

Joined: 1/30/2003
Posts: 578

I think you're doing great! It is frustrating at times, but hang in there and remember this is a labor of love. Nice job - Thumbs Up


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1/9/12 10:01am - Reply: 'Re: Carpet Install Progress'
Jaws79 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Sykesville, MD - USA

1979 Corvette Coupe Corvette Light Blue Midnight Blue interior Mirrored Glass T-tops

Joined: 4/27/2008
Posts: 4214
Better lots of trimming then too short, Rod! THAT would be heartbreaking! At least with a convertable you can get to the back fairly easily! It looks good so far!
Thumbs Up

"Down on the Boardwalk...

(Click image to see a larger version}
Lifetime Member #181
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1/9/12 1:30pm - Reply: 'Re: Carpet Install Progress'
ebo Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Holland Patent, NY - USA

#1 *1980 White, Red interior 14,000 mile #2 *1980 Red, Oyster interior 93,000 miles Resto project car, rebuilt to 383 stroker

Joined: 6/3/2008
Posts: 4400
Rod, sorry I never did get the photo's converted from the MAM class.
You are doing it correctly, the carpets are made larger as each car is a bit dfferent. You trim a small amount and check fit, and keep trimming small amounts. They used the quart can of adhesive and not as much spray can. He put it on prety heavy and slide it into place then peeled it back to tack dry a bit before putting it down for good. The picks to find the screw holes were the secret to a smoother install. The place to watch will be where you end up on the door foot sill, trim real slow there.
Evil Smileebo

|UPDATED|1/9/2012 10:30:02 AM (AZT)|/UPDATED|


Click on image for larger view!

Evil Smileebo
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1/9/12 2:30pm - Reply: 'Re: Carpet Install Progress'
Adams' Apple Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Duncanville, TX - USA

#1-1974 L-48 4spd Cp Med Red Metallic/Black deluxe int w/AC/tilt/tele./p/w-p/b/ Am-Fm/map light National/Regional/Chapter NCRS "Top Flight" #2-1985 Bright Red/Carmine Cp.L-98/auto Member: NCRS, NCRS Texas, Corvette Legends of Texas

Joined: 11/8/2003
Posts: 19516
rod7515 said:

Does anyone know what this plastic threaded bolt? and the metal stud is for? The wheel well carpet covers these two and they are on both sides?

Plastic threaded bolt???? Can't say I've EVER seen one of those on a Shark car...perhaps someone replaced the original with whatever they had handy.
Where exactly are they located on the wheel wells? Hard to tell from the pic, but it looks like they might be in the same area as the t-top hold down loops?
Idaknow...maybe someone with a chromie will know...

Job looks good, tho! Congrats! It's getting closer, eh?Thumbs Up

Joel Adams
C3VR Lifetime Member #56    
My Link

(click for Texas-sized view!)

"Money can't buy happiness -- but somehow it's more comforting to cry in a CORVETTE than in a Kia"
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