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5/17/10 2:22am - Original Message: 'Seatbelts'
Former Member
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Fallbrook, CA - USA

1972 350 coupe

Joined: 5/4/2010
Posts: 2
I really am new at this and hope this is the correct place to ask installation questions. 
I recently purchased a partly restored 72 coupe that had no seatbelts.  I bought a new set from Seatbelt Solutions that seem nice.  Two retractors and the shoulder belt snaps to the lap belt like the originals.  What I don't understand is how do you thread the bealt through the escutcheon on the seat back especially with the boot that is designed to keep the lap belt from retracting through the seat.  The manufactor has no instructions regarding this issue.  Just a diagram showing the completed install.  Are we supposed to disassemble the belt at the retractor?  That is a bit intimidating for a novice like me.
Your insights are greatly appreciated.
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5/17/10 11:36am - Reply: 'Seatbelts'
74-454 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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, - Canada

Coupe 74 - 454 Drive it like you stole it!

Joined: 8/6/2004
Posts: 533
I'm going from the top of my head here; but first; there's no way out of this; you have to remove the seat.  Then, you should see the metal bar on the floor (kind of under/next to the seat; near the door) where the belt go under.  Remove this bar; pass the belt and re-tighten!

If you don't have an manual with you and this "bar" is not on the car; some website selling C3's parts might have drawings when looking for a specific part.  Not sure on a '72, but the bolt holding the under seat retractor on my '74 is quite big and actually go through the floor.  If you can see the ground (dig the carpet a little) when this bolt should be (after you removed the seat of course); then you're also shopping for a retractor bolt!

btw; welcome to the forum and congrats on your purchase.  If you're in it for the long haul; you really want to get yourself the service manual for your year.  Chilton/Haynes books are also good to have around; but you can't beat the service manual.

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5/17/10 5:45pm - Reply: 'Seatbelts'
BlueX2 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Joined: 3/9/2006
Posts: 2168
Actually, I understand what you're talking about because I had the same issue.  The shoulder belt goes through the back of the seat, but that plastic retaining piece won't let you push it through. 
This is probably way wrong and there's a much easier solution out there, but I couldn't find it either.  I unscrewed that small metal bracket that is on the back of the seat where the shoulder belt fits through.  Don't forget to thread the belt through that first!!  I made that mistake.  Ouch
If I remember correctly, I was able to slide the metal clip out of the plastic retaining piece.  I pushed the metal part of the buckle through first and then used a flat tip screwdriver kind of like a shoe horn to squeeze in the sides of the plastic part until I was able to force it through the hole. 
The issue was that the plastic piece would not come off of the buckle, only slide down the belt.  That's why I pushed the metal through first, and then the plastic piece on its own.  Do it slow and carefully, and it will go through the seatback.  Some type of lubricant might help a bit. 
Hope this helps.  Big smile
BlueX22010-05-17 14:50:43


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Lifetime Member #115
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5/17/10 7:04pm - Reply: 'Seatbelts'
Redwingvette Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Waterford, MI - USA

1973 Red coupe

Joined: 9/13/2002
Posts: 1677
I did the same thing for my 73. Remove the back trim peice and you sould be able to work it through the hole. I was told that some people heat the plactic cover with a hair dryer and that seams to help but I did not try that.

Brian - NCM Lifetime Member
73 coupe L48, Flat-top pistons, Performer RPM Heads, Crane Cam and roller rockers, Holley 650 vac sec. Performer intake,
3.55 gear BTO 200-4R trans,
Leather seats, F-body seatbelts, Pioneer CD player
Magnaflow Exhuast System
Dewitt radiator and dual electric fans
Borgeson Steering box
Click here for Brian's Home Page 

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5/17/10 10:17pm - Reply: 'Seatbelts'
my7t1 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Dorr, MI - USA

71 Colonnade Hardtop Coupe Torch Red with black interior originally L48 built to push around 360hp

Joined: 8/21/2002
Posts: 2580
WELCOME!! Like Brian suggested, I heated the plastic piece with a heat gun to soften it and it made it a lot easier to work through the slot. "T"


Click on images for Before and After pics!
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