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6/17/02 5:08pm - Original Message: 'Was anyone at Bloomington??'
bcliff Gold Member
Gold Member
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71 454 convertible, mulsanne blue,a/c, matching numbers, 48K miles

Joined: 5/5/2002
Posts: 312
Was anyone at the Bloomington show this year? I have gone for many years but haven't attended the 3 years. Just was wondering how the new location was.

71 454/365 Mulsanne Blue Convertible

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6/25/02 1:31pm - Reply: 'Was anyone at Bloomington??'
Former Member
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'69 Daytona Yellow 350 Convertible

Joined: 4/2/2002
Posts: 3
Bloomington was awesome. I had never actually attended one before, but it was quite a sight to see....as we got closer to the location the ratio of 'normal' cars to vette's went from 1 of 10 down to almost exclusive vette traffic.

They even had special Vette parking....it was nice to park in a line of nice Vettes, then walk past a few porches sitting nect to station wagons, mazda's, mustang's and buicks!

Huge show with lots of exhibitions. Indoors they had all the rare & vintage cars that were trailered from all over (PN, TX, CA, etc). They had racers, one-offs, etc. There were also some merchandisers there, the usual parts, traler co.'s, etc.

Outside was the swap meet, car judging and auction. The auction was unbelievable....next time I'm in the market for another Vette, that's my plan. I saw a '94 go for $12k, and an 86 go for $6500! When the older ones started to roll out I had to leave ASAP...too tempting!

Overall it was a great experience. They had lot's of great Vettes both in the show and at the Show. They had a dyno running, and an almost carnival-like atmosphere. Great weather helped too.

I did a a little shopping around and ended up getting a set of chrome exhaust ring inserts for $20 less than initially quoted...it pays to look artound a bit. This was by far one of the best aspects. Seeing the merchandise, and being able to walk down the aisle a bit and bargain with another vendor for the same product.

JC '69 Daytona Yellow Convertible
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6/28/02 3:19am - Reply: 'Was anyone at Bloomington??'
Former Member
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moro, IL - USA

1979 Black coupe. 11256 original, documented, miles on it when I bought it in April of 2000. It now has 13100 on it. Oyster interior, like new. Everything original, everything works, except the clock. Paint has a couple of minor flaws.

Joined: 2/11/2002
Posts: 406
Two years ago, I was all set up to go. I bought advance tickets for Sat of the show, had a special parking pass, the whole ball of wax. I got up early Sat morning, and it was pouring. Since my vette never sees rain, I decided to stay home. I could have went anyhow, but why go to a vette show driving A Durango??? I found out later that it rained all day, so it was good that I stayed home... Those places turn in to a muddy quagmire real quick...

|IMG|http://www.c3vr.com/member_uploads/601_700/616/blk79.jpg |/IMG|
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10/19/02 1:35am - Reply: 'Was anyone at Bloomington??'
Gregg Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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It's a 1976 L-48 auto Red with Firethorn and white delux interior, 68,000 miles. I have tried to restore it to NCRS specs and have recieved 1 Bronze 3 Silver, 1 Gold Spinner and Top Gun, Best C3 Vette at Chicago's Chevy/Vette Fest.

Joined: 10/15/2002
Posts: 34
I went to the Bloomington Gold Show for my first time in 2002. With it only 45 Minutes from home how could I not go! From what I saw the show wasnt all that bad. Being in a new place, sure there are some bugs to work out. But all in all it was a Great show with Great people all around. The only part that I wasnt happy with, and this may not be such a big deal to others, was the spacing between the sections of cars. Granted you couldnt park on the Greens of the Golf course but it was a heck of a walk to see all the cars that were there. Even with that I would still recomend to anyone to go. Make sure to take the Road tour also. Being in line with, and forgive me if my number is wrong, 1400 Corvettes driving around the countryside, was such a thrill. Nothing but Corvettes as far as you could see in either direction. It was a blast! Hope to see you there this year!

G |thumb|

My little helper - chief detailer
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1/8/03 11:16pm - Reply: 'Was anyone at Bloomington??'
Former Member
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Sheboygan, WI - USA

One 1969 coupe-435 hp One 1969 coupe-not sure of motor One 1969 conv. vintage race car-L-88 race car with great history

Joined: 12/8/2002
Posts: 12
Tom-Yes I was there-The St. Charles location is great! The grounds are nicer and the cars on display around the golf course gave the feel of Pebble Beach. Don't miss this coming year. Come visit our disply at "Corvette Sports". See you there-John
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6/30/03 7:45pm - Reply: 'Was anyone at Bloomington??'
Former Member
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End of the Ike, IL - USA

1968 Roadster 427/390 2000 Coupe

Joined: 3/10/2002
Posts: 25
It was a ball. If you get a chance, go next year.
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7/11/03 1:05am - Reply: 'Was anyone at Bloomington??'
Former Member
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New Berlin, WI - USA

1969 350/350 4spd A/C convt. - silver with gunmetal interior.

Joined: 3/9/2003
Posts: 281
The golf course setting at St Charles is great and traffic and parking was no problem at all. I highly recommend going. It is truly beautiful to see over a thousand gorgeous vettes on a golf course. Don't miss a chance to hit the auction either. I got to see a '69 L88 sell for $97K. I also checked out the museum and got to see one of two ever built '69 ZL1's as well as a dozen original national show winners with less than 10,000 original miles.

Its also a GREAT place to get deals on parts. Several vendors were offering a 10% discount plus free shipping.

|bouncy| |bouncy| |bouncy|

'69 350/350 conv.
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