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4/27/07 11:28pm - Reply: 'C3VR - The Club that Gives Back!'
cilrah Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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San Tan Valley, AZ - USA

1978 Indy Pace Car 4851 of 6502, Auto, L-48

Joined: 6/20/2005
Posts: 4057
How about a contest for DIY articles. The moderators independently vote on them and the prize is decided on internally. This will add quality, not quantity to the site...
Just my 2 cts...
[/QUOTE] Paul, I think this is a great idea in itself, I'd even sponsor the first prize whatever that might be Wink  What do you think Adam?cilrah2007-04-27 20:28:57


Click here to see my new friend P-Racer
"Keep up the Pace"
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4/27/07 11:34pm - Reply: 'C3VR - The Club that Gives Back!'
greypoupon69 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Irving, TX - USA

#1 -1969 Corvette Coupe Riverside Gold, black interior,MN,A/C,350/350,PS,PB,window cranks. #2 -2000 C5, black/black, 6 sp, Bose system & lots of buttons.

Joined: 8/21/2004
Posts: 4273
I was kinda slow getting started at "posting" on this Forum.  But now it seems that I post "too much"............it's seems that I have accuired "C3VR Forum Addiction Virus." ShockedShocked I HONESTLY DO NOT POST just to get POINTS. Geek  I HONESTLY LIKE the MEMBERS on this FORUM. Star
That's my 2 cents and if someone has a problem with that, please PM to complain, don't be goin' behind my back...not that I'm sayin' anyone has......CryCry

My Link

MICK - C3VR Lifetime Member #113

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4/28/07 12:34am - Reply: 'C3VR - The Club that Gives Back!'
RADARB8 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Montesano, WA - USA

had a really nice one. sold it to a good friend. Purchased 2004 custom coupe in Feb. 2009 did not tell anyone here until August 2009. BAD I KNOW.

Joined: 9/27/2003
Posts: 1931
Not sure when this thing got started, but i just have to ask "WHY???"   I mean Adam, boss man, you have be saying in the past that you needed some help with getting shark bytes out and help with the annual gathering, and thing of that sort so why are you/we looking into having more trouble than it is worth, personally, points, giveaways, would be a gross miss use of your labor, time, energy, and resouces.  People come here becuase of the site you put together and we are the reason people stay, anything above that is swimming up stream.  What to do something special than just do that, watch a new member post alot for tech answers or gives good tech answers, mail them a tshirt, or a manual, or something else.  You see someone with 999 post when they post thier next one they get a pm and you send them something.  Easy cuz it is all in what makes you feel good, and everyone loves good surprizes,, I know that i could care less about points or any of that crap I became a lifer, becuase this place is full of life.  I give something away every week, why because it makes me feel good, makes them feel special, and they are going to tell some one and that person is going to come shop my department to see if they will be so lucky, maybe they will. sorry this is so long.  Larry


Okay its not a C3 but it is cool as hell.....
Lifetime Member #47

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4/28/07 4:07pm - Reply: 'C3VR - The Club that Gives Back!'
tuxblacray Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Greensburg, IN - USA

Previous: 1984 Silver / Charcoal Coupe, 1988 Maroon Coupe / 1989 Artic White / Mod. Red Int. Coupe, Present:1976 Stingray Black / Black, Auto, 350 slightly modified (355 hp) Luxor Wires Redline Tires. / 2001 Speedway White Vert, Torch Red Int, LS1, Auto.

Joined: 9/24/2003
Posts: 5174
My aren't we an opinionated bunch...    I don't really see much harm in your suggestion Adam. I guess I never really thought about a need for a posting incentative.

On the other hand I think is a nice gesture from you to reward those that have contributed. (Heaven forbid me for this...) Guyz like Joel, Mike, Ken & numerous others have come thru for many of us several timez over.

I doubt that it will change the complexity of the Forum much and if it should then I suppose you could unplug it anytime you wish. Afterall it is your show.... for now though herez my

Tuxblacray: She's Back In Black! Check out my pics @ My Link

(Click on image to see a bigger version)

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4/29/07 1:00am - Reply: 'C3VR - The Club that Gives Back!'
cthulhu Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Hot Springs, AR - USA

69 Conv #'s Match 427, TKO-600, 3.36HD-Posi, T/T, PS, PB, PW, SP, Lthr, Comp Mag 270 & Pro Rlr Rockers, Edel Air-Gap RPM, BG SD 750 MS, MSD 6AL+Tach Dist+ Blaster SS+Wires, Hly Bl Fuel Pump, K&N, Jet-Hot Hkr Side-Pipes,Steeroids, Al Rad, Spal Fans

Joined: 4/24/2004
Posts: 3194
[QUOTE=Adam Wartell]
100 posts = 10 points
1000 posts = 100 points
10000 posts = 1000 points

1,000    C3VR Lifetime Membership

10,000 posts seems a little up in the clouds when you consider how much the top posters on the site have done so far...
[QUOTE=Adam Wartell]
1,000    $200 Gift Cert to Parts Vendor

cthulhu2007-04-28 22:04:02

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4/29/07 8:57am - Reply: 'C3VR - The Club that Gives Back!'
Former Member
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Joined: 1/4/2007
Posts: 475
 I agree to agree with everybodyLOL
OOPS...worthless post !!Rolling%20On%20The%20Floor%20Laughing
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4/30/07 9:07am - Reply: 'C3VR - The Club that Gives Back!'
Adam Wartell Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
C3VR Founder
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Eagleville, PA - USA

Used to own a 1979 Corvette now owned by JB79

Joined: 11/1/2001
Posts: 14871
I think based on these comments, I'm going to hold off on this.  I do like the "just send someone something as a surprise" idea, though.
I'll have to figure out another way of mass rewards. The posting thing could be too ugly and too much work.

Thanks for the feedback!

-Adam Wartell
NCM Lifetime Member #1222
C3 Vette Registry (Join C3VR on facebook)
C4 Vette Registry, C6 Vette Registry
C7 Vette Registry
Corvettes for a Cure

My first Vette, now owned by JB79:

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4/30/07 2:19pm - Reply: 'C3VR - The Club that Gives Back!'
annicorvette Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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1969 rag top

Joined: 12/8/2001
Posts: 544
The thought is good but i believe it will add to a lot of BS postings. Maybe if you count the post and had a quarterly or semi annual drawing for a prize for the most post or post the quarterly top posters and let the members vote as in the corvette online show.

Lifetime member # 35
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