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5/17/07 3:20pm - Original Message: 'Warm and Fuzzy!'
Adam Wartell Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
C3VR Founder
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Eagleville, PA - USA

Used to own a 1979 Corvette now owned by JB79

Joined: 11/1/2001
Posts: 14895
When I asked a trial member, JSGarner, for his feedback on C3VR he replied with the below message.  It made me all warm and fuzzy and reminds me why I do what I do.  I asked if I could share this with the membership and he said "Absolutely!"

He has since become a card-carrying (well, when I send it to him LOL) Gold Member!

Thanks Jeff!

JSGarner said:
Hi Adam,

Thank you for your inquiry...I am happy to respond.

First off, I could not be happier with C3VR.com. Rarely do you find a site
that is as friendly and informational as yours. I admit, I was skeptical at
first. However, your site continues to amaze and impress me. The advice,
instruction, and information I've already acquired in just my short trial
time has been nothing short of incredible. I haven't had the opportunity to
become an "official" member yet, but that is a guarantee. From this point
on, my '82 Vette and C3VR.com are forever attached!

To answer your question about "what you like and/or dislike about the
Other than just simply being "great", some specific "likes" would be...
*"Critical" information is always available.
*Members are genuinely interested in helping whenever/wherever they can.
*No unnecessary "chat" in posts.
*Attracts the "serious" C3 owner....while offering information in "layman's"
*No question is "stupid".
*That you have inquired as to my thoughts shows me you care about it being a
quality site.

As far as "dislikes"...I truly can't think of one.

Thanks again and I look forward to being around here a looooong time!

-Adam Wartell
NCM Lifetime Member #1222
C3 Vette Registry (Join C3VR on facebook)
C4 Vette Registry, C6 Vette Registry
C7 Vette Registry
Corvettes for a Cure

My first Vette, now owned by JB79:

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5/17/07 4:20pm - Reply: 'Warm and Fuzzy!'
dwright Gold Member
Gold Member
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Victor, NY - USA

2004 Commemorative Edition Coupe, Auto w/HUD. 13K miles in 2015. Sold 1982 Red Coupe

Joined: 7/12/2004
Posts: 6768
Geez, I'm getting all choked up.Cry
Don't do that again.Big%20smile


Save the Wave!
Support the National Corvette Museum   
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5/17/07 4:29pm - Reply: 'Warm and Fuzzy!'
ranger3 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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North Charleston, SC - USA

1975 L48 AT AC T-top

Joined: 3/20/2004
Posts: 4176
I think Jeff captured all of the real assets of this site. I have never asked a technical question that wasn't answered promptly. And the procedures are always presented in a manner that most can understand. Plus, I think it's great that members are always concerned with the welfare of fellow members. I recall several posts where members checked on others after learning of severe weather events in the other member's hometown. Keep up the good work.



C3VR Lifetime Member #114

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5/17/07 6:42pm - Reply: 'Warm and Fuzzy!'
Ron 78 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Joined: 7/19/2003
Posts: 3805
I think Jeff hit the nail right on the head ,We have the best site in the world Thumbs%20Up,


C3VR Lifetime Member #93
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5/17/07 7:06pm - Reply: 'Warm and Fuzzy!'
spielman5 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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1965-327 coupe, 1968-small block coupe, 1969-427, 1971-454 coupe and currently a 1976-ZZ4 coupe reborn again,and hotter than ever.. Add a 1996 CE LT-4 for backup

Joined: 10/12/2004
Posts: 2193
Thumbs%20Up Right on..


   "I Love all Corvettes! LifeTime Member #60..Terry"
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5/17/07 8:43pm - Reply: 'Warm and Fuzzy!'
Adams' Apple Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Duncanville, TX - USA

#1-1974 L-48 4spd Cp Med Red Metallic/Black deluxe int w/AC/tilt/tele./p/w-p/b/ Am-Fm/map light National/Regional/Chapter NCRS "Top Flight" #2-1985 Bright Red/Carmine Cp.L-98/auto Member: NCRS, NCRS Texas, Corvette Legends of Texas

Joined: 11/8/2003
Posts: 19523
Thank you, Jeff, both for the positive feedback, AND the upgrade to Gold!!
C3VR is NOT like any other Corvette site...and that's a GUD thang!!! We're ALL here to help each other with whatever is needed. GROUP HUG!!!

Joel Adams
C3VR Lifetime Member #56    
My Link

(click for Texas-sized view!)

"Money can't buy happiness -- but somehow it's more comforting to cry in a CORVETTE than in a Kia"
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5/17/07 9:45pm - Reply: 'Warm and Fuzzy!'
cilrah Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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San Tan Valley, AZ - USA

1978 Indy Pace Car 4851 of 6502, Auto, L-48

Joined: 6/20/2005
Posts: 4057
Thanks for the great words Jeff and for becoming a Full Fledged Card Carrying Member Thumbs%20Up
This site is the greatest Clap


Click here to see my new friend P-Racer
"Keep up the Pace"
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5/17/07 10:04pm - Reply: 'Warm and Fuzzy!'
lost in the 60's
Former Member
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Newark, CA - USA

1969 Corvette 4-speed ZZ-4 crate Monza Red

Joined: 4/29/2004
Posts: 350

Ah shucks
Home sweet home


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5/17/07 10:19pm - Reply: 'Warm and Fuzzy!'
Dejablu Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Wichita, KS - USA

2005 Daytona Sunset Orange Coupe ----------- Sold 1974 T-top, 4 spd to BillKS

Joined: 11/10/2003
Posts: 6837
I believe you captured the feelings of all of us here, Jeff.  Very well done and welcome to the family.Thumbs%20Up
Dejablu2007-05-17 19:22:00

   C3VR Lifetime Member #102                   
    My Link.........          
The difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys!!              
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5/17/07 10:19pm - Reply: 'Warm and Fuzzy!'
RADARB8 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Montesano, WA - USA

had a really nice one. sold it to a good friend. Purchased 2004 custom coupe in Feb. 2009 did not tell anyone here until August 2009. BAD I KNOW.

Joined: 9/27/2003
Posts: 1931
damn, just wet myself, thanks jeff. this is the greatest site with members of all types that will help out in any and all situations be it car or family or home or whatever the members here quickly become family that you just want to visit with and get to know, i only wish is that as i grow older with the site i also become knowledgeable and have the time and means to get to know as many members as possible not just meet them but get to really know them.


Okay its not a C3 but it is cool as hell.....
Lifetime Member #47

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5/17/07 10:23pm - Reply: 'Warm and Fuzzy!'
greypoupon69 Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Irving, TX - USA

#1 -1969 Corvette Coupe Riverside Gold, black interior,MN,A/C,350/350,PS,PB,window cranks. #2 -2000 C5, black/black, 6 sp, Bose system & lots of buttons.

Joined: 8/21/2004
Posts: 4273
Jeff, your a GREAT guy!  You know why, I'm sure you do......because you are a Corvette Lover, just like the rest of us Vette Heads.  You are truly welcome with open arms! Hug  We are devoted to our Sharks and each other and there's nothin' better than sharing all of our passion and knowledge with others. Big%20smileWink

My Link

MICK - C3VR Lifetime Member #113

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5/17/07 11:44pm - Reply: 'Warm and Fuzzy!'
Norsky Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Twin Lakes, CO - USA

SOLD - "The Toy" - 1970 Convertible
SOLD - "The Beast" - 1990 ZR-1 (#682)
"BLKBRRD" - 1978 Trans Am, 400ci/285hp, 4 spd, Black w/black interior, Hurst t-tops

Joined: 1/23/2002
Posts: 6739
Welcome to "the family" and thanks for your support...!!!
Clap  Thumbs%20Up  Clap  Thumbs%20Up  Clap  Thumbs%20Up  Clap  Thumbs%20Up  Clap  Thumbs%20Up  Clap  Thumbs%20Up  Clap

Jim Olson 

"The Toys"...!!!  Save the Wave!
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5/17/07 11:56pm - Reply: 'Warm and Fuzzy!'
jgoglick Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Huntsville, AL - USA

1971 convertible,375 HP 350ci,Muncie 4-speed,Edelbrock aluminum heads and RPM air-gap manifold,HEI distrubiter - old school mechanical tach drive. LOUD side exhaust!

Joined: 11/15/2003
Posts: 841
Thanks for supporting the site Jeff! It's great to see the site continue to grow and still keep its character intact. That speaks volumes about the quality of the membership here. Thumbs%20Up


C3VR Lifetime Member #78

(click to see a bigger version)
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