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C3VR Member Badges

  1. Select if you want a Pin Back or Magnetic Back
  2. Select if you are a Lifetime Member or not. (If you are, the bottom line will say "Lifetime Member". If not, the bottom line will say "Member Since XXXX" (where XXXX is the year you joined).
  3. Enter how you want your name to appear
  4. Optionally, enter how you want your Vette info to appear
  5. To pay online via credit card, check or PayPal account balance, click the Buy Now button.
  6. To pay through the mail with a check, make the check payable to "Vette Registries, LLC" and mail to: C3VR/Badges, PO Box 202, Eagleville, PA, 19408.  Make sure to include Your Member Name (and/or ID), your email address, specify the Pin or Magnetic, How you want your name to appear & optionally how you want your Vette info to appear, plus your Mailing Address.
Version 6
Back Style
Price INCLUDES Shipping!
Are you a Lifetime Member of C3VR?
Your name as it should appear
You can include your first name, last name and online name.
(examples: "Bob", "Bob Smith" or "Bob Smith (Vetter84)")
Vette info (optional)
Include model year, color & body style
(example: 1984 White Coupe)