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Sponsoring the Official C3 Vette Registry

Sponsoring the Official C3 Vette Registry (C3VR) has proven to be a great way to target Corvette Owners, especially those that own the 3rd generation, model years 1968-1982.

With 1068 registered members, we are the largest club for C3 owners.

C3 owners express themselves as being very enthusiastic about their Vettes and do everything they can to drive, maintain and restore them.  They rely heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations on where to buy Vette parts and products, and C3VR members have proven to patronize and recommend C3VR Sponsors.

We offer numerous ways to sponsor that offer different levels of exposure and different prices to fit into any budget.

With any sponsorship, you will get the following benefits, in addition to the plan you choose:

  • You will be recognized by a C3VR News Headline on the Home Page of the website for 2 weeks.
  • You will have a thread posted in the C3VR News and Information forum about your sponsorship.
  • You will be recognized in the first email newsletter after your sponsorship starts.
  • You may request a “click-count” at anytime via email.  Click-counts are the number of times website users clicked on your banner or ad.

Below are the types of sponsorship that we offer.

To request prices and availability, please Contact Us

Top of Page Banners

Random Rotation

Your banner would be displayed randomly along with other paid sponsored banners at the top of the four most viewed pages and also on all the other pages on the site along with both paid and non-paid banners. The four most viewed pages are:

Home Page

Forums Main Page

Forums Message List Page

Forums Message View Page

Newsletter Ads

You may chose between three different size ads: Full, 1/2 and 1/4 page.  You would need to provide an image file to be used as your ad.  For full page ads, you may also choose to provide the printed pages for inclusion with the newsletter, and you will receive a discount for providing the printed pages.

Full-Page Ad

1/2-Page Ad

1/4-Page Ad


Email Promotions

C3VR will send a promotional email on your behalf to all C3VR members that have opted to receive these types of emails from us.

One-Time Run

Email Sponsor Tag

C3VR will include a 2 line Sponsor Tag in all emails that are sent from C3VR’s Forums and Email System. 

Forums Sponsorship

If you chose not to use any of the advertising methods above, you may choose to “Sponsor the Forums.”  This means that during your sponsorship period, you have the right to post messages in the appropriate forums advertising your product and/or service.  This can be useful if your inventory changes often, or if you like to have two-way communication between you and your customers.