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Cleaning Alloy Rims  - Submitted by: 82dukman
   First I started sanding off all of the clear coat with #200 grit sandpaper. Then after that was done, I progressed to #400, for the whole wheel and finally finished up with #1500 grit. The sandpaper is the wet aluminum oxide type, but I did it dry. Make sure you go AROUND the wheel not up and down. After I was done with all of these steps, I polished them with Mothers Mag Wheel Cleaner.
Just so you know, it took my 3 hours per wheel, so it is a slow process. They came out looking like chrome, and you can have them clear coated if you want, but I didn't.
This was done due to the rims having curb marks on them. This process if done slowly, will remove all scratches in the rim. If there are bad scrapes, a Dremel tool can be used to grind down the affected part. This can also be done with chemical stripper to remove the clear coat. I chose not to go with that route.
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