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Topic: 66 67 coupe

in Forum: All Vettes (Non-C3s) For Sale/Wanted

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66 67 coupe (1/3)
 4/25/11 10:36pm
Former Member

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Gordonvillle, TX - USA

1968 Roadster 427

Joined: 11/28/2003
Posts: 228

Sorry not a C3 but I have a friend looking for a 65 or 66 Coupe. Any of you C3 with an extra vette in that vintage that you want to sell????? Or know of anyone with one. 
Looking to have to do some restoration but not a junker.


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66 67 coupe (2/3)
 4/26/11 9:12am
Former Member

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greer, SC - USA

C(6-5+2)VR - 1964 convertible 327/365 & 2003 convertible - 50th Anniversary Edition & 2010 3LT Coupe

Joined: 10/15/2007
Posts: 746

check the C2 forum
66 67 coupe (3/3)
 4/26/11 2:40pm
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Frederick, MD - USA

1969 convertible L71 427/435 4-speed black interior

Joined: 9/8/2003
Posts: 3398

A friend of mine has a '65 convertible and a '66 coupe and would like to dispose of one of them.  Both are gorgeous cars...the '65 a restored original and the '66 a light resto-mod...crate engine, 5-speed Tremec and a few other mods.

Have him send me a PM and I can put him in touch with the guy.
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