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Topic: 96 C4 forsale

in Forum: All Vettes (Non-C3s) For Sale/Wanted

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96 C4 forsale (1/1)
 11/15/12 1:33pm
chucks7d8Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Warner Robins, GA - USA

1978 Base model, White w/red int. L-48, 4-speed, wide ratio. Has 82 CE wheels. New HEI & LT1 Headers now. UPDATE, NEW Tremic 5-SPEED installed. 2007 C6 Yellow Conv. Loaded. UPDATE-Sold Sept. 2021 2016 C7 Yellow Coupe, Z-51, lots of other options.

Joined: 2/16/2003
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   Have a friend with a '96 C4 for sale if you know of anyone interested. It's an Arctic White coupe w/Smoke colored top also, A/T, 64K miles and has 2 yro new tires w/2K on them. The car is here in Warner Robins, Ga.

  PM me and I'll send you contact info, he's asking about $10K, very nice car. Thanks guys.

   Chuck (chucks7d8)
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