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Topic: 82 A-pillar windshield trim install problems

in Forum: C3 Body

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82 A-pillar windshield trim install problems (1/2)
 5/9/22 5:06pm
Reds82CELifetime Member
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McKinney, TX - USA

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Long story short, while I was trying to re-align my windows, I removed the A-Piller weatherstripping and the windshield trim strip to replace the dried out butyl chalking.  I could never get the windows aligned properly, so when I took off the windshield trims I see that the screw holes had be hogged out to fit the trim to the factory drilled holes in the frame (dont know if this was done at factory or years later).

I bought new trim only to find that the factory screw holes do not line up with the trim holes (the old trim was scratched also justifying replacing).  With the new trim loosely screwed on, you can see the screws are at slight angles to fit, and the top does not snap over the upper windshield trim like the old trim did.

The upper windshield trim will not pull down enough for the A-piller trim to snap over top and still align with the factory frame holes.

Thoughts on how to install? 

I don't want to hog out the holes on the new trim as it eventually shifts and then windows wont go up all the way. 

Would you install the new trim properly over the upper windshield trim and drill new holes in the frame? 

Install using factory holes and live with the upper corner gap (filling with butyl)?

Has anyone run into this?


original trim 

original trim showing hogged out or new holes

New Trim using factory trim holes and frame holes to fit factory frame holes


new trim, you can see some screws at slight angles

new trim factory holes, see top corner mis-alignment


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Re: 82 A-pillar windshield trim install problems (2/2)
 5/9/22 8:32pm
Adams' AppleLifetime Member
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Duncanville, TX - USA

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"Would you install the new trim properly over the upper windshield trim and drill new holes in the frame? "

Depending on how the bottom of the trim fits, YES.

As you know, no two of these cars were exactly the same, so variations exist that make life miserable. Trim arrived at the assy line already drilled, and then holes were drilled into the frame to match...as best they could. Chances are holes got hogged out at the dealer when the car was taken in for leaks, or some other issue while under warranty.


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