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Topic: HELP...Loose windows after replacing rollers and sliders

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HELP...Loose windows after replacing rollers and sliders (1/2)
 8/30/20 2:06pm
Reds82CELifetime Member
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several weeks ago I replaced all the window rollers and sliders.  Also removed all the tracks and cleaned/re-greased and installed new inner/outer door felts.  After reinstalling the glass, and adjusting the glass I have WAY TO MUCH OutBoard/InBoard movement, so much so that it is impossible to adjust the alignment.  When I close the window and tighten all the bolts, then open the door, the glass then flops InBoard (see pics).  I am not sure if I re-installed incorrectly or the window regulator rollers are worn.  I did not have this problem before I started this repair so more inclined to think I have re-installed incorrectly but I just cant see the problem.  I am using the 1982 Service manual to removing replacing parts and following the adjustment instructions on pages 2D-11 and 2D-14 of the "Body" section.  Also looked at the Tech instructions at Corvette Central for door glass service....but still missing the trees for the forest.  I have the same problem with both windows.



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Re: HELP...Loose windows after replacing rollers and sliders (2/2)
 8/30/20 9:38pm
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Duncanville, TX - USA

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One of, if not THE biggest pita jobs on these cars is window glass adjustments. Even if you mark every friggin screw/bolt before loosening, you can never get it back to your original starting point. I've spent HOURS trying to get the glass adjusted, and just gave up when it got "close enough". Wish I had a magic solution, but other than following the service manual procedure, I have no tips....😟

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