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Topic: Calyx Manifold Dressing

in Forum: C3 Car Care

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Calyx Manifold Dressing (1/9)
 2/6/11 11:21pm
Bobbi's78Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Coatesville, PA - USA

1978 Silver Anniversary Paint w/Mahogany Interior

Joined: 3/17/2007
Posts: 368

I searched & didn't see any other posts for this stuff, but I'm sure most of your already know about it.  Santa brought a jar of this for Frank.  So far, this stuff is great.  Wire brushed the loose rust/dirt off several items under the hood that are cast iron.  Buffs up to a nice finish - not supposed to discolor under heat.  Specifically made for exhaust manifolds.  Heat cures it.  I'll let you know how it lasts

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Calyx Manifold Dressing (2/9)
 2/6/11 11:25pm
Jaws79Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Sykesville, MD - USA

1979 Corvette Coupe Corvette Light Blue Midnight Blue interior Mirrored Glass T-tops

Joined: 4/27/2008
Posts: 4238

I gotta check, but I think that I've used that! Works good!

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Calyx Manifold Dressing (3/9)
 2/7/11 12:55am
rod7515Lifetime Member
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Red Lion, PA - USA

1974 White 350 Corvette, TH400 Automatic 1972 Tangerine /Go Mango Convertible 383 Stroker, 2004r Automatic

Joined: 10/27/2006
Posts: 1181

Ive never used it but my dad swears by it. Hes always trying to get me to clean up my old manifolds. Im not using them so I keep saying no. Hes uses it on his old pace car trans am. They do look good!


Calyx Manifold Dressing (4/9)
 2/7/11 7:20am
Former Member

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Sebago Lake, ME - USA

1978 Silver Anniversary L82 4spd (M21) Red Leather. Pace Car is in the hands of a new caretaker.

Joined: 2/15/2007
Posts: 964

It does work good. After about a year, a little touch up and it looks great again. I did my rusty master cylinder with it also. That little can goes a long way, too. 
Calyx Manifold Dressing (5/9)
 2/7/11 10:17am
T-Mans70,73Lifetime Member
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Elma, WA - USA

Red 1973 Convertible. L-48 Auto #'s matching Red 1970 LT-1 Convertible #'s matching

Joined: 6/25/2007
Posts: 692

Any before and after pics?
Sounds like good stuff!
Calyx Manifold Dressing (6/9)
 2/7/11 12:10pm
steves74Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Klamath Falls, OR - USA

74 coupe 4 speed 350, 54K actual miles, all original; paint, interior, engine, split bumper. #'s match. 2nd owner, no stress cracks.

Joined: 2/1/2006
Posts: 1059

I have some and use it and am real happy with the product.  The big thing is cleaning the cast iron.

Heres a pic from an ebay seller that shows a before and after pic.

Calyx Manifold Restoration Paint Dressing #CALYX-1 - eBay (item 360268668881 end time Feb-27-11 05:21:08 PST)


Steve, Lifetime Member #129

74 coupe 4 speed 350, 54K actual miles,
all original; paint, interior, engine,
split  bumper. #'s match. 2nd owner, no stress cracks.
Calyx Manifold Dressing (7/9)
 2/7/11 1:16pm
Adams' AppleLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Duncanville, TX - USA

#1-1974 L-48 4spd Cp Med Red Metallic/Black deluxe int w/AC/tilt/tele./p/w-p/b/ Am-Fm/map light National/Regional/Chapter NCRS "Top Flight" #2-1985 Bright Red/Carmine Cp.L-98/auto Member: NCRS, NCRS Texas, Corvette Legends of Texas

Joined: 11/8/2003
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I heard(and seen) that it burns off fairly easily, apparently if not cured properly. I've never used it meself, but folks that have don't recommend using the engine exhaust to cure it. Most say it works best if you put the manifolds in an oven to cure the dressing....Mama might have something to say about that, so you'll have to do it while she is out of town...or something...


Joel Adams
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Calyx Manifold Dressing (8/9)
 2/11/11 12:07pm
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Mounds View, MN - USA

70 LT1 coupe, 69 350 HP coupe, 69 390HP 427 coupe, 71 LS5 convert, 85 coupe, 93 coupe

Joined: 5/24/2007
Posts: 1031

I have used it for years.  The instructions say to wire brush, then rub on and buff.  Then let the engine run long enough to reach operating temperature, shut off and let completely cool.  It is now cured.

I did our cut-away car 12 years ago.  It gets rained on and abused, and is ready for touch up now.

Re: Calyx Manifold Dressing (9/9)
 10/11/11 5:14pm
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Lake Oswego, OR - USA

1972 Steel Cities Gray T Top. Original Owner, Original Paint and Interior. The running gear has been rebuilt. only 250,000 miles on the clock..

Joined: 10/17/2003
Posts: 553

I use the stuff all the time. If your manifolds are rusty, you will need to wire brush them 1st. Make sure the manifold is cool to the touch.  Then take a soft cloth (put on latex gloves 1st) dab some on and work it into the pores of the cast iron. I got mine from Eastwood.com


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