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Topic: Dash refurbishing

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Dash refurbishing (1/2)
 10/12/16 7:16am
sjh0006Gold Member
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Helen, GA - USA

'78 Silver Anniversary

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Just acquired a 78 with dark blue interior and the dash shows some fading.  Is there a product that will clean and restore the color?

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Re: Dash refurbishing (2/2)
 1/9/17 1:34pm
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, - France

1978 L48 Auto. Red with Oyster Leather interior. Owned since 1990.

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Not sure about actually restoring the colour, but I used a few of the usual interior cleaners, Meguires being one.   If you still find it, Eagle One Spot Remover is excellent.   I also used some household bleach on some parts, but that's another story!

Interior dye is available from the usual suppliers (Ecklers, Corvette Central etc) if you find that the colour doesn't come back.

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