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Topic: horn

in Forum: C3 Car Care

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horn (1/2)
 4/7/14 6:02pm
swany 80vette
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1980 c3

Joined: 3/24/2014
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Received my horn kit in the mail today. After looking at the Assembly manual that you guys said I should get (great idea by the way) my horn did not have all the parts in it that it should have anyway seems to work ok. BUT the horn cap doesn't seem to fit quite like it did but it may be ok, time will tell. But the steering column is now a little hard to scope out. Do I have the star nut to tight ? Only thing I can think of. Would like your opinion, thanks Steve
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Re: horn (2/2)
 4/7/14 7:35pm
eldredjamesLifetime Member
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Temple City, CA - USA

1969 Daytona Yellow. 350 / Automatic.

Joined: 10/3/2010
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Yes, possibly. I believe the star nut gets placed where the lever goes from locked tightly to unlocked completely.  You can move it when installing.  Go here for the lowdown;  look on the right for the corvette steering link.

Note, mine is a 1969, yours may be different.

I'm still trying to get my horn to honk!


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