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Topic: New England winter storage

in Forum: C3 Car Care

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New England winter storage (1/9)
 7/23/12 2:20pm
Former Member

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Norwood, MA - USA

1968 Singray Convertible Red

Joined: 7/4/2012
Posts: 6

Hi all,

 I am looking for some pointers for winter storage as this year the vette will need to be stored in a barn and my biggest concern is the chipmunks & mice.

I have a Covercraft Ultra tect car cover and plan on buying a Rhino car bag. I also made some custom aluminum plugs for the tailpipes.

This is the first year I will be storing it and really dont want to open it up in the spring to a nightmare.



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Re: New England winter storage (2/9)
 7/23/12 2:38pm
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, - Canada

1979 Stock L48. First RPO58 with 49C interior into Canada in September 1978. 137,000 original kms.

Joined: 3/27/2012
Posts: 5

I keep mothballs in the engine compartment and interior. 4 season car cover, fill with premium, pump tires up to 40psi, fuel stabilizer, fog the engine till she stalls and put battery on my workbench in the basement on a tender. The car is parked in my driveway year round....last winter was fairly mild and I was on the road again by the end of March, but normally she sits from Halloween to Easter.....never had any rodent issues, and I just keep the heavy snow off of her.

Re: New England winter storage (3/9)
 7/23/12 2:56pm
Former Member

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Dutchess County, NY - USA

White '79 Corvette. It's a driver.

Joined: 8/27/2007
Posts: 2484

To keep those little critters away, I put a small box full of mothballs into several old socks and tie them shut. I crush up the mothballs and then place the socks in the engine compartment and on the ground around the car. I also place a bunch of scented dryer sheets in the A/C vents, on the trans. hump and a few other places in the interior. Then I throw a few on the floor around the tires just for good measure.
I have not had any problems with rodents since I've owned it and I store it all winter long in a detached/unheated garage.
I also leave the battery in it and start it up every 10 days or so. I like to let it run for around 20 minutes and pull it up and down the driveway a few times. I think this is better than just letting it sit, but that's just me.
Re: New England winter storage (4/9)
 7/23/12 7:36pm
eboLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Holland Patent, NY - USA

#1 *1980 White, Red interior 14,000 mile #2 *1980 Red, Oyster interior 93,000 miles Resto project car, rebuilt to 383 stroker

Joined: 6/3/2008
Posts: 4421

Heh I stayed in Norwood when we went to Kenney Chesney huricane concert last Aug.....
I'm in upstate NY and last year bought a car bag, they are great I use dryer sheets also. I have a battery switch and always leave on disconnect. No issues with rodents going through bag at all.
All have there certain way's but I do not start until spring as I'm afraid of all the moisture building up in the car from ice cold to warm to ice cold.
Some use irish spring bars cut up in pieces......that way it has that "Manley Smell" LOL
Evil Smileebo


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Evil Smileebo
Re: New England winter storage (5/9)
 7/24/12 1:03am
Former Member

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Tucson, AZ - USA

1982 Black/Tan Leather Build Code C09E Bronze TTop CrossFire Fuel Injection L83 85 Fuel Pump Auto Axle 2.72 Firestone Firehawk Indy500

Joined: 7/11/2010
Posts: 415

Hi Bill,

I can only relate what I did for five years while I lived on Cape Cod.  The first couple of years I had a metal tubing canvas
covered structure.  I also used two car covers bungied under the car.  I also had a large tarp on the ground.  That set up
turned out to be a real pain in the ass.  I also kept my lawn tractor - snow plow in there briefly.  I had to work the snow off
the top of the thing and the little buggers liked the inlet to the air cleaner on my '82.  I also used moth balls in socks but,
stopped that and went with a box of dryer sheets inside.  The whole structure failed just after I pulled baby out the second
year.  It came down in a big wind storm mixed with freezing rain/snow.

I gave up on that and did the big wrap.  I used a large tarp and drove the car on to it.  Then I put the one of car covers on and
tied it under the car.  I then pulled the bottom tarp up and tied that off tight. Then I put the car cover on top and tied under
the car. 

I only did this from mid to late Dec  'till the heavy snows/weather broke in late Feb early March.  I'd then open the car up and charge the battery and get her started.  I still would not drive it until we had a few good rains and the street sweepers
made their rounds.  I got caught in the snow a couple of times but, not a big deal with a driver level car.

I think I removed the battery one year but, that was no fun.  It had a good charge on it when it got covered up.  Cape Cod
winters are not the coldest around but, it does snow and freeze and thaw and refreeze.  I do not miss that at all!

The pipe plugs are a good idea.  I wrapped them with a plastic bag and rubber bands.  That worked too.

Good luck



Nobody ever waves when I'm driving the Explorer.
K Woody
Re: New England winter storage (6/9)
 7/24/12 8:48am
Willis76Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Rockland, MA - USA

76, L48, 4spd & 09, LS3, 6spd

Joined: 1/30/2003
Posts: 584

Hi Bill - welcome, looks like a sweet ride!
Nothing to add really, everyone has their own process. I store mine in an unheated garage attached to the house. Have used the dryer sheets and moth balls, but I generally just put the tops on, roll up the windows,  disconnect the battery, hook up the trickle charger and then throw on the cover. Depending on the winter, I try to drive them for an an hour or so every month. As long as the roads are pretty clean and everything is frozen it works out fine for me. You need to use caution if running summer tires, they tend to get a little squirrely when it's cold.
I would be more concerned about the structure you store it in over a few few unwanted guests.
Welcome again and I hope to meet up with you down the road at a cruise night or an event.




Re: New England winter storage (7/9)
 7/24/12 10:16am
Former Member

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New Albany, OH - USA

1980 Coupe / Snowcrest White / L48, 350 / Comp Cam / Edelbrock Heads / Cyclone Intake / Holley Carb / Holley Fuel Pump / Patriot Headers / Dual Exhaust / Magnaflow Mufflers / 1964 Coupe / Riverside Red / L76, 327, 365hp

Joined: 8/17/2010
Posts: 173

Looks like all the issues have been covered but just a word to the wise.  Definitely install the moth balls / dryer sheets.  I did not do that one winter and had stored the car in my father-in-law's barn.  Bad move.  Mice got in and ate-up the carpet in the front part of the car and had made nests with it in the engine compartment.
Mostly, everything is common sense stuff.


Re: New England winter storage (8/9)
 7/24/12 8:47pm
Former Member

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Norwood, MA - USA

1968 Singray Convertible Red

Joined: 7/4/2012
Posts: 6

Thanks to all for your responses... Greatly appreciated...


Re: New England winter storage (9/9)
 7/24/12 11:20pm
Sarge81Lifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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1981 Blue Ice Met. w/pearl ghost flames TKO500 5speed. LS1 Swap 3.45 Dana 44.

Joined: 12/3/2001
Posts: 2379

Pretty much what these guys said.

I start my end of season procedure with:

 1: Change oil/filter & lube, check and fill all fluids including the gas tank.
 2: Over inflate the tires by a few pounds. 
 3: Wash and dry car/coat of wax.
 4: Vacuum/Clean interior/glass.
 5: Place a sheet of thick plastic over the floor of the garage.
 6: Elevate my car a few inches off the ground by means of some old Trex decking boards I drive up on.
 7: Disconnect the battery in the vette. I don't trust old cars and their electrical systems. The GTO gets a trickle charger.
 8: Loosened up the T-tops and leave the hood popped (not opened).
 9: Place drier sheets through out the interior and engine compartment.
10: Place a container of Damp-Rid on the center armrest.
11: Put the car cover and forget about it until spring.


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