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Topic: Any tips on replacing radiator on 1976 with air conditioning?

in Forum: C3 Cooling and Heating Systems

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Any tips on replacing radiator on 1976 with air conditioning? (1/2)
 6/8/19 10:23am
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1976 with less than 50,000 actual miles. My cousin owned it since the mid 80's and was the third owner. When he passed away, I bought it and am just taking care of it for him.

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Well, I have started removing the old radiator and did happen to break off the bottom passenger side stud that holds the shroud on! Darn, it felt like it was moving. I have started using PB Blaster whether it looks like I need it or not and working it slowly and re- tightening it a couple times while removing them. I'd really like to keep the hood attached.

Dropped the alternator, removed the air cleaner and snorkel/air intake, removed the fan and pulley, loosened the air cond. compressor, loosened most of the top bolts for the shroud but still haven't removed it because I think there may be a couple more bolts.

Just curious if I have to move the air cond. compressor out of the way to get the shroud off? I sure hope not!!

I also am fighting the lower automatic transmission line at the radiator. It's kinda funky because a lot of it is rubber hose with clamps. Any I have done over the years had all steel lines to the radiator fittings. I have soaked the fittings with PBB and will go slow.

I'm putting in a new Dewitt aluminum radiator, new hoses and DeWitt high performance coolant with additives for the aluminum radiator.

Any tips and other info will be appreciated.



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Re: Any tips on replacing radiator on 1976 with air conditioning? (2/2)
 6/8/19 1:42pm
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Cana, VA - USA

1975 Stingray 71 350 engine Flat top pistons Sniper fuel injection Hyperspark ignition Vintage Air air conditioning Borgeson power steering box

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I had to pull mine a few times this past winter, and always had problems getting the lower hose fitting to clear the steering arm.  I finally found it easiest to pull the radiator complete with the shroud and core support as a unit.  Mine does not have A/C or transmission cooling lines.  This does require removing the hood first though.




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