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Heater Core Help.. (1/3)
 3/3/17 6:43pm
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Staten Island, NY - USA

I picked up my 77' back in Oct. of 2012. She has just over 45,000 miles on it. Its powered by the L-82 with an Auto trans. Its all stock with one repaint (code 80) Corvette Tan with Brown Int. I'm the third owner.

Joined: 2/25/2017
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I need to pick up a new heater core for my 77' with A/C. I have been hearing horror stories with the replacement cores. Not fitting right with tubes not lining up, all kinds of problems. Most of the vendors sell them for $80.00, but Wilcox has it for $126.00. Is there any differences between the $80 core or the $126 dollar one... I don't mind spending a few bucks more to get the right one. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get a heater core, that's fits right.
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Re: Heater Core Help.. (2/3)
 3/3/17 9:01pm
Karmel77Lifetime Member
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Clarksville, TN - USA

1977 L48 T Top, Dark Blue

Joined: 10/22/2005
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I bought mine from Mid America and it fit perfectly. Mine was with AC also. I paid about $100.00. I read a lot of bad reviews about fit up when buying from the local part stores.  I agree on not going with the cheapest, this is not a job you want to do twice!!  Good luck!
Re: Heater Core Help.. (3/3)
 3/4/17 7:35am
cinorLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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, - Canada

1975 L48 Stingray 1992 LT1

Joined: 12/24/2013
Posts: 383

i ordered one thru my local parts store I was surprised that I could still get it, but it is identical to the one that was in it.  I don't have AC   I have found that many of the parts can be order through my local parts store and most of them are ac delco, and sure are cheaper than the corvette dealers.  Comes in handy when you live in northern saskatchewan