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Joe Gibbs CSP Coolant Protector (1/2)
 4/25/17 3:59am
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1972 T Top, Mille Miglia Red, auto, ac, power windows, power steering, tilt/tele, power brakes, black leather..

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Guys I'm after some feedback from people who use Joe Gibbs CSP Coolant Protector.
I was advised to use this product by my engine builder after my small block was rebuilt, I also had the radiator pulled and cleaned out. I mix the JB CSP with demineralised water, not regular town water.
My car doesn't run hot so all is good there however I have noticed that there is a brown scum inside the radiator when I check the level [my car has factory a/c so no overflow tank] I assume this scum is probably throughout the engine coolant passages.
Has anyone else had this issue, is it something I should be concerned about and how do I rectify the problem.??

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Re: Joe Gibbs CSP Coolant Protector (2/2)
 4/25/17 11:46am
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Grapevine, TX - USA

1972 LT-1 convertible with factory air.

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The product description says it for use when not using distilled water.  You are using distilled water, so why use this stuff?
I asked Tom DeWitt what kind of antifreeze I should use in his aluminum radiator, and he said it doesn't matter, but only use distilled water with it.  No tap, soft, or spring water, just distilled.