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Topic: Replacing my AC in my 1978 L-82

in Forum: C3 Cooling and Heating Systems

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Replacing my AC in my 1978 L-82 (1/2)
 8/24/19 3:48am
Michael Hale
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Mountain Home, AR - USA

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Hello all I just got my corvette. It seems to be in excellent shape; but need to replace the AC. Harder than I thought to have done. The shop I found quoted me a high price. But what got my attention was the labor hours it would take. He says 9 hours. I was thinking maybe 3. His price for doing everything and replacing with all new and the convertion is $2322. On the internet it is much cheaper. Is this a fair price and does it really take that long? Thought I would ask the experts. Thanks for any advice. Michael

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Re: Replacing my AC in my 1978 L-82 (2/2)
 8/24/19 8:55am
Adams' AppleLifetime Member
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Duncanville, TX - USA

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"Replacing the A/C" could mean a lot of different things. Are you intending to actually replace everything in the system, or just getting the system you have working properly? In most cases, repairing your existing system could involve simply replacing the compressor(if needed), dryer, and orifice tube/expansion valve. However, if the system has been left open for a long time, then it would be best to replace all of that, as well as the evaporator and condenser, and possibly the hoses. We need more info to better help.  Why do you need to replace the system?

As far as time required to replace the system, 9 hours doesn't seem that bad, if it includes replacing every part of the system, and recharging. A simple compressor replacement would only be a couple of hours, including recharging. Once you start digging into the firewall to replace the evaporator core, or the condenser, the time factor increases dramatically.


Joel Adams
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