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Topic: Hydraulic clutch install

in Forum: C3 Driveline Components

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Hydraulic clutch install (1/2)
 9/4/18 1:17pm
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Hillsboro, OR - USA

1975 L48 4sp. Coupe... Rebuilt Motor

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While I have my engine / 4spd munice out of the car I was thinking of installing a hydraulic clutch. One reason is I would like to get the Z-bar out of the way. I am installing Doug's sidemount headers / sidepipes and the drivers side header appears to be a very tight fit. I have not actually checked the fit bc the engine is out of the car, but the old headers I am removing have a larger relief / bend in the rear header tube that accommodated the Z-Bar while the drivers side Doug's header seems to not have that much of a bend / relief. 

I am sure reasons abound to not go this route as well as reasons to go with a hydraulic clutch. I am looking for actual install experience that would give me a heads up in terms of what to look for, buy and or fabricate to get a hyd clutch installed or any other downsides that you may have experienced.

Also, If you have installed Doug's sidemount headers / sidepipes on a 75 manual transmission C3 feel free to add your comments and advice.

Lastly, I know that in '75 many / most C3's came with  BW T-10's, mine is a Muncie just to clarify.

Thank you all,

Daytona Yellow '75 350 Muncie 4 spd
'73 454 on the engine stand.

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Re: Hydraulic clutch install (2/2)
 5/7/20 4:36pm
Heather Holler
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Mooresville, NC - USA

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BUMP as Im interested as well


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