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Topic: Oil between trans and bell housing

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Oil between trans and bell housing (1/2)
 3/10/19 9:55pm
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Hi All,

Possibly a silly question, I have a bit of a leak (from the oil pan) that drop a drop out the bell housing weep hole, common issue. It's very minor and doesn't warrant immediate attention.

Yesterday I noticed a light smear on the transmission underside and where it connects to the rear of the bell housing.

This oil appears to be engine oil instead of manual retransmission fluid. It smells fine and didn't taste unbearable. How does engine oil get there? 69 corvette with m20 trans.

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Re: Oil between trans and bell housing (2/2)
 3/15/19 7:21pm
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Minor Hill, TN - USA

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You may have your answer by now, but it could be one of at least four things: rear main seal, oil pan rear seal, intake rear seal, or the oil sending unit. This is not very encouraging, I know. But it gives you a place to start.

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