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Topic: 72 Seat belts

in Forum: C3 Electrical

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72 Seat belts (1/3)
 2/16/23 3:45pm
Standard Member
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Pasadena, MD - USA

72 Coupe L48 4 sp Air Tilt Leather

Joined: 6/16/2004
Posts: 299

I got all 4 retractors out yesterday and searching for the best way to go fix'n them up. 

Only 4 busted bolts. Seats are gross.

The budget can handle pretty much anything as far as this goes. 

Looking at:


Andover restraints

Seatbelts plus

Corvette Seat Belts and Classics

Some offer rebuilds of originals. some offer outright new items. 

I'm leaning in the direction of refurbish my set, I would like to go original, but don't need show quality.   



72 Coupe L48 4sp
Custom Blue/Silver/Pearl

(Click for a larger pic)

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Re: 72 Seat belts (2/3)
 2/22/23 1:52pm
Num1shermGold Member
Gold Member
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1972 LT1 Coupe (Steel Cities Gray w/Deluxe Saddle interior)

Joined: 9/21/2021
Posts: 7

I was very happy with the shoulder belts that SnaakeOyl made for me - along with NCRS-qualifying labels. But it was a big expense and took much longer to get than I had planned. In the end, still happy with the belts, but just know what you're getting yourself in to as far as fabrication time and cost. Good luck!

Re: 72 Seat belts (3/3)
 2/22/23 2:50pm
TonyCGold Member
Gold Member
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1980 Coupe, Black exterior, oyster interior.

Joined: 11/14/2006
Posts: 52

I also used Ssnake-Oyl to restore all belts on my 1980.  They still look great today.  Cost is a bit more, time was not an issue when I had them restored, but I don't recall it being excessive. The webbing was in bad shape, but that was all replaced and came out like new.  

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