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Topic: 72 Seat Rebuild

in Forum: C3 Electrical

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72 Seat Rebuild (1/3)
 2/16/23 3:07pm
Standard Member
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Pasadena, MD - USA

72 Coupe L48 4 sp Air Tilt Leather

Joined: 6/16/2004
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Ok now on to this part of the fun.

Looking for vendor within driving distance to Baltimore for seat refurbish. I decided not to just recover the existing frames as it's kinda a waste of energy and time. After pulling them out yesterday to work on seat belts it was obvious, they need more. The latch springs broke off the levers, tracks rusted to the carpet, track bolts snapped off, seat backs horrible condition etc. None of the under springs and such appear to be broken though.

Probably unwise to ship these anywhere because of ridiculous cost x 2 ways. 

Looked at Top Flight for their offerings, had to sit down after that experience. ($)

Suggestions please, thanks






72 Coupe L48 4sp
Custom Blue/Silver/Pearl

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Re: 72 Seat Rebuild (2/3)
 2/16/23 8:09pm
manchestersharkLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Equinunk, PA - USA

1972 conv, 4-speed, 350, 200hp, numbers match, rally wheels, war bonnett yellow w/white top. good condition, nice driver.

Joined: 10/31/2007
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Hi, I am in the same quandary myself. I ditto your query. Not Baltimore,  but suggestions. 


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Re: 72 Seat Rebuild (3/3)
 2/16/23 10:02pm
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Overland Park, KS - USA

1973 Orange Metallic Coupe (orig owner), L82, 4 spd (WR), PS, (A/C & PW (I installed from wrecked 73)), leather, AM/FM Stereo, ran with '65 FI unit earlier & will again some day.

Joined: 7/9/2003
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I refurbished my friends '66 Corvette seats about 20 years ago. Got the old seat covers and foam off and using a wire brush, cleaned up the frames and repainted. I was able to find some of the missing or broken parts but I don't remember what vendor had them.  

He also wanted them converted to the headrest style seats for that year so I had to add the hardware and trim pieces to install those.

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1973 L-82 4 spd

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