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78-82 Pulse Wiper Voltages/Ohms Needed (1/1)
 10/5/18 5:22pm
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Like most of you, the pulse wipers on my 82 have not worked in years.  So, I decided to get to the bottom of the problem and exercise the gremlin for ever.
Unfortunately the Gremlin is beating me.
I have replaced:
Wiper switch (had its own bad internal connection issues)
Wiper Control Module (tried rebuilding it, almost had it but one of the power transistors was not exactly similar and overheated lifting a small part of circuit board - I will get back to fixing this some day)
33 Ohm resistor on inside wiper motor cover (was burned and cracked)
Grounds all test good
variable resistance measured at Wiper controller module from the switch
Diode at wiper motor tested good
sent the Wiper Control Module back to manufacturer and they bench tested the module and verified it was functioning correctly
GM Service Manual for the 82 only shows the electrical schematic -- no voltages/ohms
At Wiper Control Module:
  brown wire (pin 141) measure resistance ohms from delay switch.  my reading is .935 ohms to 158 ohms
At wiper motor (pink wire) - 11.88 V with wipers off, 0.107 in pause mode, 9.7 - 10.2 while in sweep mode.
After all this, I still only have a single pulse sweep every 23 seconds.
I talked with the Wiper Control Module tech at Lectric Limited, but they will not tell me what voltages and Ohm readings each pin of the control module expects for input and output.
SOOOO, I NEED A BIG FAVOR from someone with a working pulse wipers.  Would you please check the inputs/outputs to the wiper control module connector while the wipers are in pulse mode during a sweep and also when paused, with a mid delay and post your findings......

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