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Topic: 350 mods

in Forum: C3 Engines

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350 mods (1/4)
 9/8/22 9:35am
Former Member

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, LA - USA

76 stingray

Joined: 9/2/2022
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I’m looking to swap the cam on a old 350 to a roller. The engine was previously locked up, I’m just doing a tear down cleaning everything and upgrading a few parts here or there to make a little more power. Any recommendations on roller cam options, kits, or just general advise for a 350 would be appreciated. 

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Re: 350 mods (2/4)
 9/8/22 4:53pm
F4GaryGold Member
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Grapevine, TX - USA

1972 LT-1 convertible with factory air.

Joined: 8/26/2006
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I would talk to the major cam companies and see what they recommend. 



Re: 350 mods (3/4)
 9/17/22 9:45pm
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San Diego, CA - USA

'73 L48 Coupe, 383, M20, A/C, Electric Windows. Matterhorn White Jet-Glo w/ Dark Blue interior. Rochester, Edelbrock, Blackjack Ceramics, Borlas w/ 2.5" mandrel X over, Cooper Cobras on both OEM Steel and Aluminum Wheels.

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I know I'm not answering your question, but if you have the engine out and are tearing it down a limited amount for performance improvement, have you thought about going further with a 383 kit? More expense for sure, but WOW: What a difference. Big Block Performance that you wouldn't regret. 👍👍





Re: 350 mods (4/4)
 9/24/22 11:49am
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Germansville, PA - USA

1974 Coupe 358ci 4 speed Black w/Medium Saddle interior w/79 custom leather seats. . 1999 C5 Convertible, 6 speed, Atomic orange, Oak interior.

Joined: 1/28/2010
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I did the same thing when it came time to replace cam. I can highly recommend Summit Racing. I called their tech line phone number and talked to their very knowledgeable tech person. He asked me many questions pertaining to my engine and then recommended a great Comp Cams kit that included timing gears/chain. lifters, and valve springs. Made for an easy reassembly and performs great.



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