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Topic: Holley Anti Diesel Solenoid and Stalling

Holley Anti Diesel Solenoid and Stalling (1/1)
 3/11/19 4:23am
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Hi All,
I have a Holley anti-dieseling solenoid installed with a new Holley carburettor and I am noticing that if I rev to 5500 rpm and take my foot off the accelerator the car stalls. As soon as my foot is off the rpm drops to 300-400 rpm and the car tries to recover but does not.
The idle speed is approximately 550-600 rpm and the throttle position is set by the solenoid and the idle mixture. Is the issue likely that when the throttle is closed it is bumping the solenoid actuator resulting in complete closure of the throttle or an issue with the idle being too low and the mixture needs to be adjusted?
If I blip the throttle to say 4000 rpm, the engine drops to about 400 and bounces up to idle and settles.
I will be speaking to the engine tuner but would like a few thoughts...
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