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Topic: How is the hood raised if the Hood release breaks?

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How is the hood raised if the Hood release breaks? (1/2)
 6/4/21 3:10pm
Babyblue 78
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1978 Corvette Light Blue Pulled from the swamps of Miami! Its a driver and back on the road!

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In replacing a previous wrong hood release, I wondered if the hood release wire or the nut on the end ever breaks how does one release and open the hood.  Being the car is some 43 years old and I'm sure it's the original metal cable and end nut stop, how would one open the hood in this situation.


I'm guessing in the driver front wheel well there is a access panel that can be opened and somehow able to reach in with a pliers and pull down on the release or wire, but not sure.  Not that I ever hope this happens but Murphy does visit once and a while?


Thanks for any info for this situation.


Babyblue 78


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Re: How is the hood raised if the Hood release breaks? (2/2)
 6/4/21 4:16pm
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Overland Park, KS - USA

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With the hood open and you look directly behind the driver side latch, you will see a plastic plug in the firewall. That plug/hole gives you access from inside the car with a tool with a hook on it to pull the latch manually. I may be wrong but I seem to remember that there was an aftermarket Corvette supplier that carry such a tool.


1973 L-82 4 spd

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