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Topic: Misfire at full throttle

in Forum: C3 Engines

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Misfire at full throttle (1/3)
 9/22/21 10:55pm
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Lakewood, CA - USA

1981 Corvette

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Getting on the freeway and at full throttle I get a bad backfire and sputter and no power. Back off the throttle about 1/2 inch 

and stops and runs normal.  At full freeway speed and I floor the pedal, kicks into passing gear without any hesitation. Only seems to be from dead stop and full load. Any thoughts.

New plugs, new wires, distributor cap, rotor and module. 

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Re: Misfire at full throttle (2/3)
 9/30/21 8:55pm
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Germansville, PA - USA

1974 Coupe 358ci 4 speed Black w/Medium Saddle interior w/79 custom leather seats. . 1999 C5 Convertible, 6 speed, Atomic orange, Oak interior.

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Could possibly be a bad coil if you have one,  that breaks down under the heavy load. Just a thought.


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Re: Misfire at full throttle (3/3)
 9/30/21 9:26pm
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Duncanville, TX - USA

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You list a cap, rotor, and module, but no coil? Could certainly be a coil failing, but I would also suspect a carb issue. 

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