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pulley config (1/2)
 9/9/18 10:50am
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Elyria, OH - USA

1968 convertable - 427 B.B. International Blue exterior - Dark Blue interior - Power Steering - Power Brakes - Dual Quad Carbs - 4 speed - Power windows

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I was looking at my pulley alignment , and am wondering if I have the correct configuration? When I look down on the belt closest the engine it looks like the belt is rubbing the hose from the water pump. Does anyone know the pulley config and sizes I should have?? I have a BB 427 with power steering , no AC
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Re: pulley config (2/2)
 9/11/18 10:46pm
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, - Australia

Currently own a white 1969 427 Big Block Coupe C3 Corvette

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I have a 427 390 HP L36, below is what the configuration should be. Ignore the yellow circling, for some reason it appears like that in my AIM.
Mine is configured differently as my alternator pulley has no offset, someone has swapped it to a single groove without offset so it doesn't align to the power steering pulley.