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1973 Project Car for Sale (1/1)
 8/20/17 10:25am
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Lisle, IL - USA

1973 coupe Under Construction

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I am selling my 1973 T-top project car.  The vette is a small block, automatic transmission car, with AC.  I got the car a little over 10 years ago in a partially disassembled state.  When I received it, the engine was out and disassembled, the interior was removed, the suspension was removed, and the car was sitting up on a large dolly.  Based on some registration information that I found, the best guess I can make, is that the car had been off the road since the mid 80s.  

Since I have had the car, I have done the following things to it:

  • Separated the frame from the body, 
    • the frame was blasted, rusted body mounts were replaced, and it was discovered that the frame had previously been straightened in the section underneath one of the doors and at the rear bumper crossmember.  
    • With the exception of the body mounts, the frame was solid.
    • A Z-bar bracket was added to the frame.
    • The frame was painted with a rust inhibiting paint
  • Rebuilt the rear driveline
    • New heavy duty differential cover
    • Cleaned and painted half shafts
    • New U-Joints on half shafts
    • purchased and installed rebuilt rear wheel bearing assemblies to the cleaned and painted trailing arms
    • The differential is a limited slip differential and was not rebuilt
  • Installed new suspension components
    • New VBP suspension Kit with fiberglass rear spring, big block front springs, new bilstein shocks, new front and rear sway bars and polyurethane bushings
    • New Front wheel bearings
    • All suspension components are loosely installed to the car, with the exception of the rear sway bar end links
    • The front upper and lower control arms were rebuilt with the new bushings below
    • New ball joints and tie rod end links were installed
  • Power steering ram has been rebuilt but not tested, original steering box has been cleaned and painted.
  • New stainless steel brake and fuel hard lines and braided flexible brake lines installed to the frame with SS fasteners
  • New Parking brake components installed
  • New Brake rotors front and rear
  • Brake calipers have not been rebuilt but all four cores are with the car
  • The tank has been cleaned and sealed, though it has not been tested for leaks.  No tank sticker was found.
  • Body Work has been started
    • The body was blasted while off the frame, including the windshield frame
    • Rusted support at the rear body mount was replaced
    • Windshield frame was rusted, the header bar and one corner piece were replaced
    • The body has been reinstalled onto the frame with new body mounts and body mount bolts.
    • The rear tail light panel has been replaced and bonded back to the rear fenders and deck lid
    • The lower rear valence is permanently installed to the body and the gap filled
    • The front urethane bumper was replaced with a fiberglass bumper and bonded permanently in place with the gap filled
    • A new headlight support was installed to the body with an aerospace structural adhesive instead of rivets
    • New radiator support 
    • Doors are hung on rebuilt hinges, work has begun on repairing damage around the door opening, but has not been completed.
    • Door glass is in good condition but not installed.
  • The passenger side headlight assembly is completely rebuilt with a new actuator, and cast structure
  • The driver side headlight assembly has a new structure and actuator, but is missing some of the hardware, which does not allow it to function currently
  • The engine bay has been cleaned and painted.  A hole in the transmission tunnel was repaired.
  • The stock wiring harness is intact, but is not installed, and has not been tested.
  • Body Trim, 
    • The grills on the hood and near the rear window have been blasted
    • The rocker panels are in decent shape.
    • Many of the other trim pieces have a black paint on them, that has been removable with acetone or MEK in several cases without harming the underlying surface, though most still have the paint on them
    • This includes the rear bumpers, which have begun to be loosely fit to the body/frame
  • The glass for a removable rear window is with the car, though none of the bracketry or interior pieces are included since 73's are not a removable rear window car, though the hardpoints in the body are their.
  • Interior
    • The car has a black interior
    • The interior has not been installed since I have had the car
    • The dash components appear to be in decent shape with the exception of the dash pad, which has a circle of adhesive in the middle of it.  This may be removeable
    • The door panels are in poor shape, aftermarket carpet and arm rest parts were added.
    • The seats have had aftermarket seat covers installed over them, the condition of the seats under the seat covers is unknown, with the exception of the one that was removed.
  • Wheels and Tires
    • Aftermarket wheels with tires that need to be replaced, though they do hold air well enough to roll the car around the garage on
  • Engine and transmission
    • The car does not have a transmission
    • The engine is disassembled, and the majority of the components have been sitting unprotected and are likely not useable.
    • A two bolt main 350 block is included along with the majority of the components, not including cylinder heads.  The condition of the block is unknown
The car is located in Joliet, IL southwest of Chicago.

The project has been sitting dormant for the last 7 years.

Pictures below

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