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Topic: 1980 rest-mod frame-off 90% project $7000 with completion parts.

in Forum: C3 For Sale/Wanted (cars only)

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1980 rest-mod frame-off 90% project $7000 with completion parts. (1/1)
 11/25/22 2:50pm
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Newport, MI - USA

1980 L-48 still in the middle of a frame-off.

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It is time to sell my 1980 Corvette

I have owned it new since 1980. Great car , I drove the living piss out of it. In 1992 I finally parked it, just plumb wore out. FF to 2004, my wife says shit or get off the pot with this .

FF to: 2022. I have been doing a frame-off rest-mod. Between 2000 to 2022 I have 13 stents, 24 K stones, back issues and more. I can't finish, can't bend my back and too much more.

$7000.00 Firm on price. This is not a scam, not a trick, no nonsense. You get all the new parts, everything I have for the car.

Well, I am selling the project; 1980 corvette 90%

1980 Corvette frame off resto-mod.
Fully adjustable coil over suspension
Rear end rebuild w/bearings, seals and paint and u-joints
All new 4 -wheel disc brakes w/calipers, rotors, and pads, stainless steel brake lines.
Front end and steering replaced, all Moog parts
Front and rear wiring replaced w/Lectric Unlimited wiring
Complete original engine rebuilt: Bored 30 over, flat top pistons, heads reworked plus new valves and hardware original carb and intake on .. have new Edelbrock intake and carb.
Transmission rebuilt and new torque converter, external trans cooler
Radiator replaced w/HD unit
Body is on the frame
Frame sandblasted and coated
Engine runs great

Plus, more. No junk, All work professionally done.

What needs to be done: 2 doors and f/r bumpers installed, a windshield and the interior

I have a lot of new parts including Thompson Astro-Top, all new interior panels, Recovered + refoamed leather seats, all types of hardware, digital dash with all gauges, and more.

Everything... ALL IN........ $7000.00 cash only,,, bring a trailer and a large truck for boxes

CASH only No time for tire kickers, traders, payments, I have thousands invested. This is a GREAT deal Dennis B 734-497-7913 SE Michigan.


Corvettes and women are the same...You want to make love to them but they keep breaking down.
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