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Topic: Trying to find my Mother's 1972 Convertible Corvette

in Forum: C3 For Sale/Wanted (cars only)

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Trying to find my Mother's 1972 Convertible Corvette (1/2)
 6/13/21 3:53pm
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mars, PA - USA

1972 corvette stingray

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Hello, i am on the hunt for my mothers 1972 corvette. It was a convertible with a 454 and automatic transmission. My family sadly sold it on 8/26/1998 in the Pittsburgh area. At the time it was sold it was white with tan interior. i have had no luck hunting it on any vin number websites cause they cant go father back than 1981 since the vin for the vette was 13 digits. The vin to the car is 1Z67W2S526385. If anyone can help me out on where i should start looking or in the off chance someone has the 72' it would be greatly appreciated! 

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Re: Trying to find my Mother's 1972 Convertible Corvette (2/2)
 6/13/21 9:52pm
NorskyLifetime Member
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Twin Lakes, CO - USA

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I looked in the Registry Database and the car is not in there, but that doesn't mean the current owner isn't a member - just that the car's info hasn't been entered (which is optional).

The privacy laws of recent years have made it harder to access vehicle owner information.  Good luck with the search, hope you can find it. 


Jim Olson 

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