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Topic: WANTED 70-72 silver / black 2 top roadster

in Forum: C3 For Sale/Wanted (cars only)

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WANTED 70-72 silver / black 2 top roadster (1/1)
 7/4/22 6:42am
Stuart morganLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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1971 convertible

Joined: 9/24/2021
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Hi all
hope this finds everyone well

Im currently looking for a silver ( Cortez, Nevada, pewter genuine factory silver ) roadster, two top black, with black interior, auto, air, matching and ready to drive with little work needed so excellent to restored. Im going to drive and show the car and have fun; so I’m not look for a top flight or gold, although happy to consider. Color is important as is air & auto. No side pipes.
if car is matching but has upgrades for safe daily driving, that’s ok. Genuine Buyer.

hope C3 family can help, cheers Stu 

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