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Topic: '78 Fuel Hose Replacement

in Forum: C3 Fuel, Emission Control, and Exhaust Systems

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'78 Fuel Hose Replacement (1/2)
 12/28/21 1:42pm
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I need to change the rubber hoses from the hard lines to the fuel pump on my '78 as one, the return I think, is leaking.

I have a few questions:   

Will I need to drain the fuel tank to do this?   

If I decide/discover that the rubber lines at the tank end also need changing, is that possible without removing the tank, working through the filler aperture to get them off the sender?

Again, necessary to drain the tank?

I've ordered the new front hoses (everything is taking longer and is more expensive since the stupid UK Brexit triggered import rule changes here in Europe!) but have yet to order the rear hose, which I appear to need to buy "per foot".  I know I need ethanol proof line, and I understand these are 1/4 and 3/8 inch ID hoses, but any tips on what outside diameter I need for them to be safe?



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Re: '78 Fuel Hose Replacement (2/2)
 12/28/21 4:26pm
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Seems if you gently clamp the hose back at the tank that goes to the hard line (if it is accessible), that should minimize the amount of fuel that will leak out of the front hoses.  

Not sure about changing the rear hoses.


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