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Topic: 82CE throttle body kit

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82CE throttle body kit (1/2)
 6/22/20 6:24am
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I am going to be putting a kit and remaned injectors in my throttle bodies in a week or so.

I really want to pull both bodies from the plate and replace those gaskets. My fear is when I separate the bodies from the plate, they will lose synchronization. I don’t want to have to start drilling and filing welds. The car is running okay now, it just stumbles a little. 

If I pull the entire top plate, put the plate with bodies on my workbench, then, without disturbing the connecting linkage or fuel line, I slightly lift each body and replace the gasket, will the dowels inserted in the plate kept the synchronization?

Or, once the bolts have been loosened, the bodies shift enough to throw it off?

Advice from someone who has done this before, please.

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Re: 82CE throttle body kit (2/2)
 6/24/20 10:29am
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Years ago I helped a PK82CE replace the gaskets on his newly purchased car after we had a "fun" drive from California to Minnesota/Wisconsin.  Thankfully a set of GM shop manuals came with the purchase of the car.  Having never done this before we followed the steps in the manual to the letter and didn't have any issues taking things apart or putting it all back together.  The car ran better after replacing the gaskets but there was still something not quite right.  The real problem wasn't discovered until several months later and after that was fixed to the best of my knowledge the car has been running perfectly (remember to use fuel grade rubber hose when connecting the fuel pump to the fuel line!).


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