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Topic: C3 aluminum wheels

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C3 aluminum wheels (1/2)
 3/24/20 10:25am
RedwomanGold Member
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Bellingham, MA - USA

1980 loaded red on red. 68,000 original miles. Second owner. Well documented with all original paperwork. NCRS Founders Award 9/27/14. NCRS Top Flight 10/12/14.

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Is  Corvette America the only manufacture for C3 78-82 aluminum wheels<


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Re: C3 aluminum wheels (2/2)
 3/24/20 11:42am
manchestersharkLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Equinunk, PA - USA

1972 conv, 4-speed, 350, 200hp, numbers match, rally wheels, war bonnett yellow w/white top. good condition, nice driver.

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Dave Mooney, had tires and wheels for sale at one time. Not sure if he still had them.

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