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Topic: Fuel line retainer how do you remove it

Fuel line retainer how do you remove it (1/3)
 8/8/19 2:57pm
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I am attempting to install a new sending unit in my 1978 Corvette. I purchased the new unit and was going to attempt to install in with out dropping the fuel tank. I removed the gas cap and the rubber gas catch to reveal the sending units and three hose connections. The problem is the fuel line connection is covered by what the corvette book calls a retainer. I am really stumped as to how to remove it. IS there anyone who has removed this retainer from the fuel line at the sending unit? I could sure use some help!



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Re: Fuel line retainer how do you remove it (2/3)
 8/8/19 3:51pm
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It looks like you would have to push the tongue sticking up towards the right to unlatch it on that end and then probably squeeze the fuel lines together to get the other end off. It's kind of hard to tell from the picture without seeing the actual part though.


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Re: Fuel line retainer how do you remove it (3/3)
 8/9/19 12:08pm
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pop it off with screw driver where the rubber hose connect with sending unit towards you 

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