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Topic: Heater/AC ductwork seals for 1980

in Forum: C3 General Discussion

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Heater/AC ductwork seals for 1980 (1/3)
 6/14/23 12:02pm
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1980 L-82

Joined: 1/29/2002
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Hi All,

I need to purchase new RH and LH seals  for the heat/AC ductwork on my 1980.  Part numbers are 3937113 and 3937114. Any ideas who might have them? Zip has a heater box set but all I need are the above 2.

Also, any idea on the sizes for the screws for the steering column lower bracket.  They are listed as part # 11501111.

Many thanks,


Corrales, NM

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Re: Heater/AC ductwork seals for 1980 (2/3)
 6/15/23 7:50pm
Reds82CELifetime Member
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McKinney, TX - USA

1982 Collector Edition, Silver-Beige metallic, 40000 miles and counting. 2015 Z51 Red Convertible

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Re: Heater/AC ductwork seals for 1980 (3/3)
 6/18/23 1:38pm
Adam WartellLifetime Member
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Eagleville, PA - USA

Used to own a 1979 Corvette now owned by JB79

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Try our friends at Bair's!

They can probably help you.

If you don't see what you need on their website, give them a call. They are a small shop that is willing to help us with even the tiniest issue.




-Adam Wartell
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