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Topic: QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/6/2023: Color

in Forum: C3 General Discussion

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QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/6/2023: Color (1/9)
 1/6/23 9:07am
Adam WartellLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
C3VR Founder
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Eagleville, PA - USA

Used to own a 1979 Corvette now owned by JB79

Joined: 11/1/2001
Posts: 17423

What is your favorite C3 Corvette Factory Color?


-Adam Wartell
NCM Lifetime Member #1222
Founder: C3 Vette Registry 
C4 Vette Registry, C6 Vette Registry

My first Vette, now owned by JB79:

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Re: QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/6/2023: Color (2/9)
 1/6/23 9:54am
manchestersharkLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Equinunk, PA - USA

1972 conv, 4-speed, 350, 200hp, numbers match, rally wheels, war bonnett yellow w/white top. good condition, nice driver.

Joined: 10/31/2007
Posts: 2314

THAT, would be difficult for me. So many to choose from. The more I see the more I think another C3 in my garage would be nice. I'm not much for red, or white, but yellows, blues, and greens are another story. A deep defect free Black and Chrome, Mr. Countryman, really takes my eye.


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Re: QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/6/2023: Color (3/9)
 1/6/23 11:29am
NorskyLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Twin Lakes, CO - USA

SOLD - "The Toy" - '70 Convertible
SOLD - "The Beast" - '90 ZR-1 (#682)
SOLD - "Betty" - '28 Ford Model A Tudor
Still have - "BLKBRRD" - '78 Pontiac Trans Am

Joined: 1/23/2002
Posts: 7169

Many, many years ago one of my cousins had a '69 Chevelle convertible in a deep metallic Forest Green with a white top and interior.  I SO lusted after that car!  That color has probably popped up over the years on the option list under a different name but it is one that has stuck in my brain.  

When shopping for the first fun car blues and reds were at the top of the list.  Ended up buying "The Toy", which was red.  Funny thing was it came from the factory in Donnybrooke Green which, imho, wasn't a very striking color.  Perhaps that was it was repainted "resale red" somewhere along the line.  🤣

|UPDATED|1/6/2023 9:29:29 AM (AZT)|/UPDATED|


Jim Olson 

"The Toys"...!!!  Save the Wave!

Where I've been in a Corvette...!!!

Re: QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/6/2023: Color (4/9)
 1/6/23 11:35am
Limited Member
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, - France

1978 L48 Auto. Red with Oyster Leather interior. Owned since 1990.

Joined: 8/21/2002
Posts: 58

I guess I'd have to say Red.   We were first attracted to ours because it was red, and it turned out to have been re-painted!   I seem to recall that red ones were what we were looking at in general.

But I still like blue, Bridgehampton for example, and a really clean black car looks good, but it does have to be clean!

Stephen J Irons
Corvette Club France
CCCUK Lifetime Member
Corvettes of Southern California
NCM Family Member
Red Corvettes Have More Fun!
Re: QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/6/2023: Color (5/9)
 1/6/23 2:25pm
old stogey 70+
Limited Member
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, - Canada

1978 silver anniversary--37000 Orig. miles + Orig. tires 2000 coupe Millennium Yellow-all options-600 Orig. miles + Orig. tires

Joined: 1/14/2021
Posts: 5

Silver/Grey paint scheme on my '78 Silver Anniversary. I think it looks very sharp.

Re: QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/6/2023: Color (6/9)
 1/6/23 3:20pm
Standard Member
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Grapevine, TX - USA

1972 LT-1 convertible with factory air.

Joined: 8/26/2006
Posts: 1361

Not blue or yellow. 



Re: QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/6/2023: Color (7/9)
 1/6/23 4:33pm
Limited Member
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Arlington, TX - USA

1969 LeMans Blue Coupe 390/427 4sp 2016 Stingray Convertible 7sp

Joined: 2/23/2003
Posts: 14

Lemans Blue. Would have to be. 

Re: QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/6/2023: Color (8/9)
 1/7/23 6:44am
Standard Member
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Rock Hill, SC - USA

1977 White/Red

Joined: 8/2/2017
Posts: 53

Wish I owned the 1-of-1 Chartreuse 77!

Not my favorite color, but what a great story. 

if I had to choose I’d pick red, but a C3 in any color looks great. 


Re: QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/6/2023: Color (9/9)
 1/7/23 11:16am
Vette78RLLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Lawrenceville, GA - USA

1978 Silver Anniversary. Restored in 2012. All new 'complete' suspension f & r, engine, trans, exhaust, interior. Car is driven - garage kept but not a trailer queen.

Joined: 10/21/2013
Posts: 27

I'm with 'old stogey 70+' (I resemble that remark) on this one.  I like most of the different colors a C3 came in but my favorite is still the silver/gray on my Silver Anniversary edition.  In my lifetime, I've had the means to own a fire engine red 70 GTO ram air III 4-speed, a 79 bright blue metallic Z28, a 74 metallic gold Trans-Am 455 4-speed, 92 jade green metallic Camaro RS (still have this one in storage waiting to get restored if the wife ever says okay), my current other garage baby 85 black Monte Carlo SS and my C3.  If I had to chose one out of all of them besides my C3, I probably liked the bright blue metallic on the Z the most, but just barely.  Not unique for that year but I seldom ever saw another one.  I've driven and enjoyed them all but my C3 fulfilled a long time desire to own one and when I got serious about it and went looking, I was specifically looking for either a 78 Silver Anniversary edition or a 78 Pace Car edition.  Just happened to find the Silver Anniversary 1st and never looked back.   

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