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Topic: tail light signal

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tail light signal (1/2)
 9/11/19 4:20pm
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St. Louis, MO - USA

1976 Corvette

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I have a 1976 Corvette and the right rear tail light/turn signal works sporadically. I bought and install two sockets for this problem. Both did the same thing. When I insert a bulb it works. but...I have to giggle the bulb in the socket for it to work...like its not getting the connection. So it will work for a while until I hit a bump in the road then the turn signal won't work. I thought maybe I purchased the wrong socket but it's the socket is the same as the original. It works but it don't work. I have good ground for the lights. Please help....


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Re: tail light signal (2/2)
 9/14/19 9:33pm
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Cana, VA - USA

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Did you try new bulbs?  Maybe the original bulbs don't have enough solder at the connections.  I've had sockets that I had to add some solder to the tips of the bulbs to make a good connection.




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