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Topic: Anyone installed a generic tilt steering column?

Anyone installed a generic tilt steering column? (1/3)
 2/17/19 9:30am
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Cana, VA - USA

1975 Stingray 71 350 engine Flat top pistons Sniper fuel injection Hyperspark ignition

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I would like to change my straight steering column to a tilt one on my '75.  Used ones are almost impossible to find, and then are way too expensive.

I see ads for generic tilt steering columns for around $250.00,  They say "need some adapting to fit" but don't go into detail of what this "adapting" involves.

Has anyone used one of these 3rd party steering columns in your Vette?  If so, how extensive are the required modifications?



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Re: Anyone installed a generic tilt steering column? (2/3)
 2/21/19 9:31pm
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Gig Harbor, WA - USA

1973 L82 4 Speed Coupe - Very original, well documented driver/survivor. 2016 Bend Regional NCRS Top Flight.

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Bill, never installed a generic T/T column, but one other option you might consider is a later C3 T/T column (76+). They are available, a bit cheaper and can be installed with some minor modifications. Do a search for T/T info by a gentleman named Jim Shay (or Shaw). I believe he has an article on installing a later column into earlier C3s. Never done it myself, just another possibility to consider. Good luck and let us know if you go that route.

John Sigmund
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Re: Anyone installed a generic tilt steering column? (3/3)
 2/27/19 3:01pm
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Newark, DE - USA

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I installed a Flaming River 
many years ago it cost $600.00 then & I've never had a problem. One of the best mods I've done. Had to make my own brackets back then , but I'm pretty sure they have them now. Makes a big difference in handling & much safer

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