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Topic: Don’t wheel bearings

in Forum: C3 Handling Components

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Don’t wheel bearings (1/4)
 5/21/23 10:48am
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Charleston, SC - USA

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Hey guys! I’m new to all of this and had a question for y’all! I just replaced the bearings and races in my front hubs, because there was too much movement. After I replaced them, there is still too much movement. I’ve been thinking it has to be the torque of the spindle castle nut but everyone is saying finger tight. Can anybody help me out on this?

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Re: Don’t wheel beari (2/4)
 5/21/23 10:28pm
Adams' AppleLifetime Member
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Duncanville, TX - USA

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Definitely NOT "finger tight"! The castle nut should be tightened until there is NO free play in the hub assy, then the nut backed off JUST enough to get the cotter pin installed. Be sure to spin the hub assy while tightening the nut, to distribute the grease around the bearing/race, and to keep the grease from giving you a false sense of how snug the adjustment is. 


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Re: Don’t wheel beari (3/4)
 5/23/23 9:17am
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1970 Bridgehampton Blue ext, Lt.Blue interior 454 M21 Cumberland, VA

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I agree with Adam.  Also make sure you have the bearings packed properly with grease so all the rollers are covered equally.



Re: Don’t wheel beari (4/4)
 5/23/23 1:57pm
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Florence, KY - USA

1977 Coupe; yellow, 4 speed, one option car with original engine

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What they said. Tight but the wheel/hub should spin easily. 

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