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Topic: Gymkhana Suspension ???

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Gymkhana Suspension ??? (1/4)
 2/9/21 4:38pm
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I'm a brand new member here. Wondering if there's a way of finding out if my '79 Corvette has Gymkhana suspension with out looking under the vehicle? Its currently in storage for the winter.

Didn't know if there was some way of decoding the VIN that might tell me or otherwise? If anyone has any tips, I would certainly appreciate it.

Thank you kindly,


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Re: Gymkhana Suspension ??? (2/4)
 2/10/21 5:40pm
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Hi Patrick -

Welcome aboard...!!!

There is a VIN Decoder available on the site on the Research tab if you want to try it but I'm pretty sure the VIN will not give you much information about what went into the build of your car. GM wasn't that sophisticated in coding stuff in the VIN back in those days.

Hopefully someone with better insight than I can jump in with some information for you.


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Re: Gymkhana Suspension ??? (3/4)
 2/10/21 6:08pm
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I think you are going to have to count the leafs, 9 for std and 7 for Gymkana.  Unless you have the tank or window sticker.


Re: Gymkhana Suspension ??? (4/4)
 2/15/21 9:19pm
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I believe the Gymkhana suspension had both a front and rear sway bar. The front bar was noticeably larger than the rear bar and I believe it was 1.125" in diameter. The rear bar was 7/16" in diameter.

 I believe the front coil springs were also stiffer but I don't know of a visual way to check it.


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