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Topic: Wheel lug nut torque Specs

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Wheel lug nut torque Specs (1/2)
 5/5/22 6:27am
tb2k82ceLifetime Member
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Lemon Grove, CA - USA

1982 C3 Collectors Edition 44000 miles, sat in the sun most of it's life, My wife purchased it for me for fathers day in 2007 from her girl friend that had it for 19 years. It is on the road again. I'm retired but it is now my daily driver.

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I tried looking up it up in past forums but did not find it.  I know that someone provided it once so I'm sure someone had the torque specifications for the wheel lug nuts. 

It is funny I never paid any attention to the specifications for my other cars.  Just gave it a good snug fit. 
Now I find myself asking how tight to tie my babies shoes.

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Wheel lug nut torque Specs (2/2)
 5/5/22 6:27am
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Bladenboro, NC - USA

1972 conv., sunfire yellow, blk interior, blk vinyl and convertible top. Off frame restoration with American Speed 383 stroker engine producing 500hp plus a 200hp NOS system. MSD ignition. Hooker super competition headers with chambered exhaust.

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        1965 – 1982 TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS

Rally Wheels (Steel) 75 ¾
Optional Wheels (aluminum) 80* ¾ (retorque @ 100 ml.)
Caliper Mounting Bolts, front 70 5/8
Caliper Mounting Bolts, rear 70 5/8
Caliper Housing Bolts, front 130 13/16
Caliper Housing Bolts, rear 60 5/8
T-Arm Front (toe-in shims) 50+* 5/8 & 11/16 nut
Spring Retainer (to rear end)(Steel Spring) 70 13/16 bolt (de-arch spring)
U-Joint (inner) U-bolts 15 9/16 nut
caps 30 9/16 bolt
U-Joint (outer) flange bolts 75 5/8 (use locks)
Strut Rod (inner) camber bolt 70* ¾ nut
Strut Rod (outer) shock mount 75+* 15/16 nut
Shock Absorber (upper) bolt 60 5/8 & 11/16 nut
Shock Absorber (lower) nut 40 ¾
Bearing Housing to T-Arm 30 9/16 nut
Spindle Nut 100+ 1 1/16

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