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Topic: 78-82 Dash

in Forum: C3 Interior

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78-82 Dash (1/2)
 9/17/22 1:35pm
Limited Member
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Lucama, NC - USA

1979 L48

Joined: 1/22/2010
Posts: 5

Does anyone make a dash for bubbleback Vette's that are reasonably close to OEM? Several years ago, I dropped $500 for a dash from a major supplier. Let's just call them "CA". It was not good quality, didn't even have bosses to hold the glove box door. This time around, I did my research and bought a dash from a well known company with a reputation for quality interior parts. We'll call them "AK". It looked OK at first, but after a few months it looks awful. Glove box door doesn't sit flush, the speaker grills won't stay in place. The top, black vinyl is shrinking away from the grills. These jobs require a lot of fiddly labor, and it's no trivial matter to replace them, not to mention $500 here and $500 there; soon you're talking real money. I'll reluctantly buy another dash if I can get something decent.

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Re: 78-82 Dash (2/2)
 9/17/22 5:32pm
manchestersharkLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Equinunk, PA - USA

1972 conv, 4-speed, 350, 200hp, numbers match, rally wheels, war bonnett yellow w/white top. good condition, nice driver.

Joined: 10/31/2007
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Hi, From my perspective, for what it's worth, your acronyms are the best in the business. In my opinion, for what it's worth, it's quite possible sun and heat contributed the majority of your dilemma. The General used good stuff 40 plus years ago. Made in America! Today's material is of lesser quality, depending on how long it spent on the ocean in a cargo bay. Very discouraging for all of us who restore our rides. 


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