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Topic: C3 Cup Holder

in Forum: C3 Interior

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C3 Cup Holder (1/3)
 8/31/23 4:11pm
Adam WartellLifetime Member
Lifetime Member
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Eagleville, PA - USA

Used to own a 1979 Corvette now owned by JB79

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Just found this. Looks like a good option if you want (and don't already have) a cup holder for your C3.

Click here to purchase on Amazon At the time of this posting price is $36.70.

The drink tray with slip fit inserts accommodates 12 oz cans, bottles, or large coffee cups and provides an area to hold loose change. Made of high-impact polymer material, this tray is designed to allow the use of the emergency brake without disturbing it. 1968-1976 models were installed using factory console screw holes, and 1977-1982 models used two screws into the carpeted sides of the console. Screws are included.
The total width of this C3 cupholder is 8 7/8 inches, inside cup depth is 1 5/8 inches, outside cup depth is 2 1/8 inches. The space between mount brackets is 5 11/16 inches.




-Adam Wartell
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My first Vette, now owned by JB79:

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Re: C3 Cup Holder (2/3)
 9/1/23 12:43am
F4GaryGold Member
Gold Member
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Grapevine, TX - USA

1972 LT-1 convertible with factory air.

Joined: 8/26/2006
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It's OK. I've had one for about 15 years.  Not all cups fit in it and I don't know anyone that uses and actual coffee mug in the car anymore.  It's not very deep so cups can tip over.  It's better than the one that sits on top of the hand brake though.



Re: C3 Cup Holder (3/3)
 9/6/23 5:04pm
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San Diego, CA - USA

'73 L48 Coupe, 383, M20, A/C, Electric Windows. Matterhorn White Jet-Glo w/ Dark Blue interior. Rochester, Edelbrock, Blackjack Ceramics, Borlas w/ 2.5" mandrel X over, Cooper Cobras on both OEM Steel and Aluminum Wheels.

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Thanks Adam.





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